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Fallout 76 How to Become Wanted

Griefers will pay the price.

by William Schwartz


In Fallout 76 you can become wanted if you do certain things in the game world.  While you can play Fallout 76 as a solo player, you’re still going to be running into other players during your time with the game.  You can choose to do good and help other players or you can choose to be bad.  Doing bad deeds in Fallout 76 will put a Wanted Bounty on your head.

So how do you get to be Wanted in Fallout 76?  There are a couple of ways to become Wanted in the game.  The first is if you kill a player that is not hostile towards you. The PvP mode in Fallout 76 is such that both players basically have to agree to fight by shooting each other.  If you shoot a player and that player shoots you, they are considered hostile.  If you kill a player that isn’t hostile towards you, you will become wanted.

The second way that you become wanted in Fallout 76 is by destroying the property of others.  If you come across a camp and start destroying another player’s property you will rack up a wanted level.

So what does this Wanted level do exactly?  You’ll be notified of the wanted level by a little icon on the bottom of the screen, and as soon as you become wanted you’re going to want to keep your head on a swivel because every player in the game instance will be able to shoot you on sight as you become hostile towards all of them.  This means that instead of needing to shoot them first, they’ll be able to shoot you regardless of if you’ve ever encountered you before, and you’ll take full damage from the get-go.

The downside to being wanted is that everyone on the map can now see where you are come after you for a bounty of caps.  While those bounty hunters will be able to see you, you will not be able to see them coming.

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