How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

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by Michelle Cornelia
How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest
Image: Endnight Games

As the nights get colder and the mutants become more challenging, you’ll want someone you can rely on to have your back during your adventures in Sons of the Forest. While the game lets you have Kelvin as a helpful companion, he is unable to use weapons and fight off enemies. Meanwhile, Virginia, the three-legged woman, is not afraid of getting her hands dirty and can assist you during combat. To make her your ally, you’ll need to know how to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Befriending Virginia isn’t an easy process; it will take some time before she fully trusts you. To begin, you should keep Virginia at ease by avoiding any hostile behavior. When you notice Virginia investigating your camp or watching you from a distance, it is important not to approach or shoot her, as this will cause her to flee.

The key to befriending her is allowing her to make the first move. So, if you see her around, all you need to do is let her be as she gets comfortable around you. Carry on with your tasks and pretend that she isn’t there. It will also help to put your guns away and keep your distance from her. If you do this right, she will be seen more often in the game.

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After a couple of in-game days, she should get more comfortable with your presence and start to move closer and become more relaxed. At this point, she will also give you a small gift, a cue that she finally trusts you. In addition to that, you’ll also see a prompt button that lets you interact with her when she gets close. This means that you’ve finally succeeded in making her your ally.

Just a heads up, unlike Kelvin, Virginia is an independent ally that cannot be ordered around. However, she will follow you around and randomly bring you resources. You can also give her a weapon and a GPS tracker, which can be helpful to help you fight off cannibals and track her whereabouts. If you find a new outfit for her, you can equip that for her too.

- This article was updated on March 4th, 2023