Who is the 3 Legged Woman in Sons of the Forest? – Answered

Who is the mysterious three-legged woman?

by Noah Nelson
Image: Endnight Games

If you have watched any of the Sons of the Forest trailers or are familiar with The Forest, you’ll likely see a three-legged woman and want to know who she is. Sons of the Forest has a lot of horrific and mysterious things, and the three-legged woman is just one of them.

Sons of the Forest 3 Legged Woman, Explained

While you can play Sons of the Forest multiplayer and can do whatever you’d like to Kelvin, one thing you might be scared about is the three-legged woman. Since many of the creatures and inhabitants of the forest want to kill and eat you, you might be scared to face the three-legged woman.

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In fact, the three-legged woman’s name is Virginia. She is a returning character in Sons of the Forest, and she actually has three arms as well. While she may seem scary, she won’t attack you. She doesn’t like fighting, but can be trained to help you.

You can scare Virginia away, kill her, or talk to her and use her as a companion. As mentioned before, she doesn’t like combat and will shy away from it if you get into a fight with her around. However, you can also give her weapons to help you fight.

Since Virginia has three arms, she can wield two ranged weapons and then deal melee damage. You can give her a shotgun and a pistol and she’ll be able to help you take down enemies.

Not much is known about who Virginia really is, why she is here, or why she has three arms and three legs, but what we do know is that she is a completely optional character that won’t give you quests or anything like that. Make her an ally, ignore her, or take her out permanently — the choice is yours.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023