Sons of the Forest Multiplayer Guide: How to Invite and Play With Friends

Survive with your friends!

by Christian Bognar
Sons of the Forest
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you looking to play multiplayer in Sons of the Forest? Bringing some friends into your horror-survival adventure can be a massive part of the game experience, but getting multiplayer going isn’t straightforward. Whether you are looking to host a game or join a friend’s game, we got you covered with the steps to get your multiplayer started correctly.

How to Set Up Multiplayer With Friends in Sons of the Forest

To get multiplayer started, your first step is to click on the Multiplayer option at the bottom of the Main Menu screen. When you are here, you will have the opportunity to host or join a game. We have more specific details below for each option, and how you can customize it so only your friends can join.

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Joining Another Game

  • Click on Multiplayer – Join on the Main Menu screen.
  • If you are looking to join a friend’s lobby and not a random person, you can click on the “Friends Only” option. This will prevent any other server from popping up, only your friends.
  • Use the filter option to filter out specific modes to make it more customized for your search.

Hosting a Game

  • Click on Multiplayer – Host on the Main Menu Screen.
  • Select the level of difficulty you would like to play.
  • Choose a name for the game you are hosting.
  • Choose the number of players you would like to be able to join your game.
  • If you want only to have friends join, you can turn on “Friends Only” mode. This will make it so only your friends can join the game and no random players.

There you have it! Now you can create and join any type of Sons of the Forest game you would like. It is highly recommended you play the games with close friends so you can communicate with each other, which increases your chance of survival in this challenging game. You and your friends can plan wisely on how to gather resources, kill enemies, get rope, and more!

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023