How to Build a Roof in Sons of the Forest

Simple, yet effective.

by Christian Bognar
Image of Kelvin holding logs in Sons of the Forest.
Image: Endnight Games

Are you looking to build a roof in Sons of the Forest? Building is one of the essential mechanics of the new survival horror game, as it will protect you from the dangers the outside world possesses. When you have a specific building in mind, it can be hard to create it in the game. We are here to walk you through how to build a roof in Sons of the Forest.

Steps to Build a Roof in Sons of the Forest

To build a roof, you will want to collect the necessary materials. Depending on the roof size you are going for, collect as many logs as possible. For this guide we’ll use an example roof involving over 20 logs; if it isn’t big enough, you can continually expand it with a higher number of logs.

Use four logs for the base, four for posts, four to connect all the posts, and five to cut in half, making it a total of 10 for the floor and the roof. Follow the steps below to create your roof.

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  1. Place four logs on the ground, making a square.
  2. Place five of the cut-in-half logs in the center of the square, making a base.
  3. Place four logs on each corner of the bottom square, vertically and standing up.
  4. Connect four logs, making another square on top of the standing-up pillars.
  5. Place the remaining five cut-in-half logs inside this top square, making yourself a roof.

Congratulations, you have successfully made a roof in Sons of the Forest. As previously mentioned, you can constantly adjust the size of this roof by adding more logs to the bottom floor and more logs to the top, making it either wider or longer, depending on the style you are going for. Just ensure you know where to find as many logs as possible to make it happen.

Also, remember that you can use Kelvin to help you find the necessary materials for whatever you are building. That is only if you haven’t killed him yet!

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023