How to Revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Come back, Kelvin!

by Michelle Cornelia
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Image: Endnight Games

In Sons of the Forest, Kelvin is one of the companions in the game, which can be very helpful in finding resources and helping you survive the world. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get stuck in a situation where Kelvin gets killed. If that happens, you may be wondering how to revive him. Thankfully, he can be revived in the game, but it may not be in the way you’d expect. If you’re wondering how to do so, here’s how to revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

How Do You Revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

Unfortunately, if Kelvin dies in the game, you won’t be able to revive him at all. No item, medical supply, or anything will bring him back. However, with some tweaks to the game’s files, you can “revive” him. Just keep in mind that this is not an official method, so there might be a chance that your save file might get messed up. 

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Before you get started, make sure you have a backup of your game files in case something goes wrong. This ensures you can always return to your previous save file that works properly. Once you’ve created a backup file, follow the steps below to revive Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

  1. Open your Sons of the Forest game file. By default, it should be in “AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves.”
  2. Next, find and open the “GameStateSaveData.json” file with Notepad.
  3. In the file, change “IsRobbyDead\”:true” to “IsRobbyDead\”:false”. Don’t forget to save the file afterward.
  4. Next, find and open the “SaveData.json” file using Notepad.
  5. Look for the “TypeId\”:9″ line. Below this line, you should see the “\”State\”:6″ value, which you need to change to “State\”:2″.
  6. Still in the same file, look for “Health\”:0.0″ and change it to “Health\”:100.0″. 
  7. Save the file and launch your game.

When you’re back in the game, you’ll find that Kelvin has been revived and is back in the game, provided that you’ve done everything correctly. Again, it’s important to note that this method is not fool-proof and may not work for all gamers, but it may be worth a try if you’re so desperate for his help. Good luck!

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023