How to Catch Togetic/Togekiss in Pokemon GO and Can They Be Shiny?

Catch your own Fairy/Flying-Type Pokemon with this guide

by Caleb Stultz


The Togepi evolutionary line in Pokemon is one of the most popular in all of Pokemon. As one of the more difficult Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO, Togekiss has a particular stone it needs to be evolved into from Togetic. In this guide, we will show you how to find and catch Togekiss in Pokemon GO. We’ll also be answering whether the Pokemon can be shiny.

How to Find and catch Togekiss in Pokemon GO

Even in the Spring into Spring Event, Togekiss cannot be caught in a wild encounter. Instead, players will need to catch a Togepi or a Togetic. Right now, players can encounter a Togetic through the event by completing the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge. Here are the Pokemon you need to catch to obtain the special Flower Crown Togetic:

  • Bunnelby – In the wild
  • Nidoran (Male) – In the wild
  • Nidoran (Female) – In the wild
  • Jigglypuff – In the wild
  • Whismur – In the wild
  • Flower Crown Pikachu – In the wild and field research task (Hatch an egg)
  • Flower Crown Eevee – In the wild and field research task (Hatch an egg)
  • Flower Crown Buneary – In the wild and field research task (Hatch 2 eggs)
  • Flower Crown Chansey – In the wild and field research task (Hatch 4 eggs)

After completing the challenge, players will get 2000 XP, 2000 Stardust, and an encounter with the Flower Crown Togetic. The challenge will also be added to your Elite Collector’s medal.


You can also get the Flower Crown Togepi through a 2km egg from your gifts. Flower Crown Togetic can also be caught out in the wild or evolved from a Togepi with 25 candies.

To get a Togekiss during the event, you will need to evolve your Flower Crown Togetic with 100 candy and a Sinnoh Stone. Sinnoh Stones can be obtained through four methods. Those include:

  • The Sinnoh Stone has a chance of dropping when collecting your seventh day Field Research reward
  • A chance of dropping from completing PvP Trainer Battles
  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader
  • A possible ‘Mystery Item’ Go Battle League reward

After you have the necessary materials, you will have your new Togekiss.

Can Togetic/Togekiss Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

With enough luck, yes. Any special event Pokemon, including Flower Crown Pokemon, can be shiny in Pokemon GO. However, with how long it takes to get a special event Pokemon, the likelihood that you will get one is very slim, but not impossible.

Don’t miss out on the Egg-citing Spring Surprise Limited Research Event happening on April 16 as you look for and evolve your Togepi.

Pokemon GO is available now on all mobile devices.

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