How to Change Villager Jobs in Minecraft

Minecraft villagers have a mind of their own, but they can be employed

by Holly Alice

Trying to change villager jobs in Minecraft? Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever released. Played worldwide on every game platform available, the game still receives frequent updates and added content. Despite the long-running success of Minecraft, some things still elude players. The sandbox survival game offers endless possibilities to build, battle and adventure. Featuring many different biomes, weather options, animals and mobs, anything can happen. Minecraft’s villagers are one of the passive mobs that spawn in the overworld. These harmless people go about their daily life and fulfill themselves with careers!

How to Change Villager Jobs in Minecraft

There is, thankfully, a simple way to change your Minecraft villager jobs in your settlement. The first thing to do is check their previous career – this can be done by looking at their clothing or what block(s) they interact with. From there, players will need to destroy the associated job site. This will cause the villager to get angry, but they will go off in search of a vacant plot. If there is a spare job site, they will wander over to it and accept that as their new fated career. And there you have it – your villager now has a new profession.

Available Villager Careers


Currently, there are thirteen available Minecraft villager jobs for them to take on. They all require the right blocks to be in a job site that is reachable by the villagers. These jobs are listed below, with the associated blocks that villagers require to work;

  • Farmer – composter item (and a field).
  • Mason – stonecutter.
  • Fisherman – barrel (near water).
  • Cartographer – cartography table.
  • Librarian – lectern.
  • Cleric – brewing stand.
  • Weaponsmith – grindstone.
  • Leatherworker – cauldron.
  • Shepherd – loom.
  • Fletcher – fletching table.
  • Toolsmith – smithing table.
  • Armorer – blast furnace (made with four iron ingots, three smooth stone blocks and a furnace).
  • Butcher – smoker (combine four pieces of natural wood with a furnace).

It is easy to tell which job a villager is assigned to as there are associated outfits. For instance a farmer will wear a straw hat, clerics don purple robes and leatherworkers are equipped with a heavy brown apron. However – there are nitwit villagers that will not work. They can be identified by their green clothing. Don’t bother trying to make them work, they won’t accept any career.

How to Get More Villagers in Minecraft

Now, getting villagers into your village is the tricky part. If you create your own settlement from scratch, villagers won’t automatically spawn. They unfortunately have to be coaxed from other places. The best way to do this is to find an existing village and ‘steal’ the villagers. You can push them into a boat or mine carts, and transport them back to their new home. From there you can push them into your village where they will gradually go towards the job sites and homes available.


You can also cure zombie villagers – though this is a bit more advanced. First, you need to trap the zombie villagers so they don’t disappear. You then need a golden apple and a potion to cure the villager. When this is done, you’ll have a happy villager that will sell you items at a discount! If you’re working within a snow and ice biome, you can build an igloo with a basement. There, a zombie villager and a priest will spawn. Cure the zombie and you have two villagers and your own village.

To keep villagers in your village, players need to build enough housing.  A surplus of beds is needed as well as chests containing enough food for the mob. Three pieces of edible food is recommended per single villager – bread is usually the best choice. Once these requirements are met, villagers will breed endlessly.

Minecraft is available now on Xbox, PlayStation, mobile, PC and Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2021