How to Check Last Epoch Server Status – Is Last Epoch Down?

TL:DR - Servers are back up!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Eleventh Hour Games

Are you wondering how to check Last Epoch server status to see if Last Epoch is currently down? With the release of official in the Last Epoch Beat Patch 0.9 – Convergence Last Epoch now has official multiplayer and a server to enjoy the game with others. Since the release, eager fans like you have joined the server in mass, with a player count reaching over 40,000 on day 4. Unfortunately, while this is a fantastic feat for the game to reach, it doesn’t come without its downfalls because there have been some server stability issues. Here is everything you need on how to know to check Last Epoch server status to see if last Epoch is down.

How to Check If Last Epoch Server Is Down

There are many ways to check the Last Epoch server status since no official server status tracker exists. Last Epoch’s developers, Eleventh Hour Games, have stated that the best way to interact with them and stay updated on all Last Epoch news is to join the game’s official forums and the official Discord server. You can also follow Lost Epoch on Twitter to be alerted to all new tweets, including status updates on the game’s server.

Last Epoch Discord Server

Eleventh Hour Games visits, responds to players, and posts on the official Discord Server multiple times daily. You can join by visiting the Last Epoch Discord server page.

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The Official Last Epoch Forum

Eleventh Hour Games also visits the official Last Epoch forum multiple times daily. You can visit the official forum page here. You can join by visiting the official Last Epoch forum on the official game page.

Last Epoch Twitter Page

Finally, Eleventh Hour Games is excellent at sending Tweets about anything relating to the game, including issues with the server. You can get Tweets about Last Epoch by following @LastEpoch.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023

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