How to Collect Rare or Better Weapons at a Hot Spot in Fortnite

Landing at a Hot Spot is required to complete some quests.

by Diego Perez
Fortnite Hot Spots

Hot Spots are a minor mechanic in Fortnite most players don’t pay much attention to, but a recent Chapter 5 quest requires you to collect rare or better weapons after landing at one.

Most of Fortnite‘s weekly quests are simple affairs, and the Hot Spot quest is no exception once you figure out exactly what it means. Hot Spots are a great way to speed up the early phases of a Fortnite match, securing some good loot for yourself within the first few minutes of leaving the Battle Bus. Since they’re full of great gear, collecting a rare weapon shouldn’t be too difficult.

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What Are Hot Spots in Fortnite?

Hot Spots are POIs that have gold names at the start of a Fortnite match. They’re home to floating supply drones that drop crates of loot when destroyed. To collect rare or better weapons, just shoot a few of these drones and grab whatever they drop.

Image: Epic Games

Since Hot Spots are popular landing choices for the sweatiest Fortnite players, finding and collecting all 7 weapons to complete this weekly quest might be a bit challenging in a single match. Thankfully, this quest’s progress tracks across multiple matches in case you get eliminated while looting.

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While supply drones are the best sources of rare loot at Hot Spots, normal chests and floor loot will still count for this quest as well. Don’t forget to eliminate other players and take their loot, too. This method is even easier since they’ll have already done the looting for you. Also, remember that the available Hot Spots change every match, so your favorite POI might not have any supply drones the next time you jump in.

Most of the boss-related POIs will usually be Hot Spots in any given Fortnite match, so defeating them and taking their Society Medallion to gain access to their vault is also a great way to easily complete this quest. Vaults are filled with a ton of powerful loot and Mod Benches, so you can add or remove attachments for your favorite weapons. Plenty of Fortnite quests require you to have fully loaded weapons or a specific attachment setup, so make use of these benches to easily gain some XP.

- This article was updated on January 2nd, 2024

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