How to Complete All “To Walk a Dark Path” Quests in Diablo 4

Complete walkthrough for the "To Walk a Dark Path" quest in Diablo 4.

by Christian Bognar
All to Walk a Dark Path Quests in Diablo 4
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While Diablo 4 has a bunch of side quests for players to get lost in, the best ones are part of larger questlines with rich storytelling. They can take a reasonable amount of time to complete, and “To Walk a Dark Path” is the perfect example. You have come to the right place if you need help with this questline. This is how you can complete all the To Walk a Dark Path side quests in Diablo 4.

All Steps to Complete the “To Walk a Dark Path” Quests in Diablo 4

There are four missions in the To Walk a Dark Path questline in Diablo 4, and this is how you complete them all. I was a level 40 Necromancer when I started this quest, so I recommend your character to be about the same.

Note: You may notice the blue markers are absent from my pictures. This is because I have completed the quest, but they are still accurate in where you need to go for each step.

Quest #1 – To Walk a Dark Path

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Players can start the “To Walk a Dark Path” questline by speaking to Father Dymus in Zarbinzet in the Hawezar region. Talking to him and selecting the text selection with the blue side quest logo will start the first mission in the questline — where players must search for a missing Curate named Simon.

A blue quest outline will appear on the east side of Zarbinzet. Head towards this quest indicator toward Faith’s Edge to locate the Decaying Farmstead. Players can easily find the Farmstead on the eastern side of the search area, and you can check its exact location in the image below (there is no blue outline for me as I have completed the quest already).

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Once you arrive here, kill the bandits, and grab the Lockbox key that can be used to open the Forgotten Lockbox marked by a blue waypoint. This will activate the next step in the quest, where you must travel to the Fethis Wetlands — south of the Ruins of Rakhat.

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You will notice a scared Pilgrim at this location—speak to and beat him in battle. Next, find the three pilgrims just west of the fearful pilgrim, marked by blue waypoint, and talk to all of them.

This last step will complete the first quest in the To Walk a Dark Path questline. It’s time for the second quest, “At Any Cost.”

Quest #2 – At Any Cost

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The At Any Cost sidequest begins at the Strange Refuge dungeon, marked by giant tusks in the Hawezar region. The dungeon can be found where my marker is located in the image provided below — east of the Ruins of Rakhat waypoint.

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Enter the dungeon, make your way through by killing mobs of enemies, and then interact with the campsite. Investigate some more by interacting with the Candles, Cookpot, and Dusty Cot — discovering zero signs of Symon and Elias. After investigating the campsite, you will hear groaning from the corner of the camp — where you must head over to the body and interact with it, summoning an enemy.

Defeat the enemy and collect the Acolytes Head, and bring this head back to the candles you investigated earlier. Collect the candles and place the Acolyte Head next to them. Interact with the Acolyte Head again to begin the ritual, which completes the At Any Cost side quest.

You can now move onto step three of the To Walk a Dark Path side quest — called “Turbulent Waters.”

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Quest #3 – Turbulent Waters

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Turbulent Waters is the most straightforward mission in the To Walk a Dark Path questline. All you need to do is head to Backwater, located in the southeast region of Hawezar, and speak to the locals surrounding the area. This is very easy as all the locals you must talk to are marked with blue waypoint markers.

Nivro, the merchant, is the most critical conversation out of all the NPCs, who will inform you that Sev may have crucial information. To get information out of Sev, you must purchase the Cerrigar Red Sky from Nivro the merchant.

Next, head out of Blackwater and move south through the blue outline for the side quest until you run into Sev (marked by my indicator below). Speak to her, hand her the Cerrigar, and talk to her again to complete the quest.

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That is all there is to it for the Turbulent Waters sidequest, and you can now move on to the final mission in the To Walk a Dark Path questline — “By Three They Come.”

Quest #4 – By Three They Come

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The start of By Three They Come sidequest happens west of Blackwater and southwest of the Vyeresz Stronghold, where you will come in contact with Sev. Use the fast-travel waypoint found in the Vyeresz region — which will be available if you have defeated the stronghold here. If not, it’s a quick trip by horse.

Talk to Sev at this location to get her to follow you, and travel west toward the new waypoint that leads you to the Esret Chapel.

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Once you have arrived here, Sev will leave your party, and a small dungeon will open up called “Halls of Dark Portent.” Enter the dungeon and go to the end, killing all the enemies in your path.

It’s a quick dungeon; you will eventually reach a stoned door. Attack the door, kill the enemies that spawn, and repeat the process until the door is ultimately destroyed. On the other side of the door is a boss, which is relatively straightforward — kill the boss and then inspect simons corpse that is found on the ground.

Lastly, read the journal to complete this dungeon and make your way toward the exit (or use the exit dungeon action in the quick menu). Travel back to Zarbinzet and speak to Father Dymus — the guy you talked to at the beginning of the quest line. This will officially complete the “To Walk a Dark Path” quest line!

After completing all missions in this quest line, you will be rewarded with many experience points, gold, renown, and the “Pale Harbinger” title. You can also check and see the completion bonus in the challenges menu!

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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