How to Complete Day 4 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2

E Flat and G Flat walk into a bar... The bartender doesn't serve them since bars don't serve minors.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to complete Day 4 puzzles in Hello Nighbor 2? Congratulations! You have finished Night 3 and are now on the final Day, Day 4. This Day is the second-longest Day in the game. You need to solve five different puzzles to get the last Museum key. I want to advise you that there is a known glitch that stopped me from being able to progress my game. I had to reset my progress and start again, so be careful! I will explain this bug in the section it appears below. Here is everything you need to know about completing Day 4 puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2.

How to Complete Day 4 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2

You will be exploring the Mayor’s mansion on Day 4. The primary puzzle is finding a steering wheel for the ship podium in the master bedroom on the second level. To do this, you must first find five Awards the Mayor earned by solving smaller puzzles. You will find the awards alter on the second level. When you climb the stairs, take a right and enter the room at the end of the hallway.

How to Obtain the Chalice Award

This is where the game-breaking glitch can occur. If you get caught with the steak in your inventory, you will no longer be able to pick it back up after the world resets. I tried everything I could to progress the game but was unable to. I opened a ticket with tinyBuild, but haven’t been given a solution other than they are aware of the issue. So if you pick up the steak, make sure you DO NOT GET CAUGHT under any circumstances. Otherwise, your game will most likely glitch out.


Head inside the house using the main doors. Work your way to the right of the house until you reach the kitchen. Grab the fire extinguisher from the box on the wall and run out the back door.


There is a blue grill on the deck. Use the extinguisher on the fire so you can grab the piece of steak without burning your hand. Remember: DO NOT GET CAUGHT.


Give the steak to the dog, and he will leave the dirt pile. Then, use the shovel to unearth the staff. You are okay to get caught after this point.


Attach it to the statue to get the Chalice Award.

How to Obtain the Crux Award


Climb the box outside the alter room and climb onto the rafters.


You can enter the attic, open the junction box, and grab the fuse. This will turn off the beam sensors and allow you to grab the Crux award.

How to Obtain the Triangle Award

At the top of the stairs, you will see a framed record. Break the glass, grab the record, and head back downstairs.


There is a big room with a piano in it. On one of the walls is a piece of sheet. Match the colored pins on the sheet music to the colored keys on the piano. That will open the door with the sheet music next to it.


Put the record in the record player and activate it.


Climb the drop ceiling and go into the attic, where you will find the Triangle Award

How to Obtain the Trophy and Star Awards


Head to the master bedroom and bounce on the bed until you reach the drop ceiling. The Trophy award is sitting in plain sight.


Also, on the drop ceiling will be another junction box. Put the fuse in the junction box to activate the safe below.


Enter 8691 into the safe to open it. Grab the Star statue.

How to End Day 4


After you have placed all five awards on the pedestal, the glass will rise, and you will be able to grab the ship steering wheel. Next, go through the cabinet in this room and open the other side, which will take you to the master bedroom.


Attach the steering wheel to the pedestal in the master bedroom and spin it until the colors align. This will open a secret passage with the final museum key. Unfortunately, my game crashed after picking up the key, but it did not cause long-lasting issues with my save file. Once you pick up the key, you will see another cutscene and be sent to Night 4.

Hello Neighbor 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass.