How to Complete Night 3 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2

Why did the art thief’s van run out of gas as he drove away from the museum... Because he had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: tinyBuild and Eerie Guest

Are you wondering how to complete Night 3 puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2? You can unlock another room in the museum after finding a key on Day 3. You will be required to solve a puzzle to retrieve your camera after Mr. Paterson steals it at the start of the game. This puzzle will have you running around both levels of the museum, but it is not difficult. Here is everything you need to know about solving Night 3 puzzles in Hello Neighbor 3.

How to Complete Night 3 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2


Head inside the main entrance of the museum. Head upstairs using the right set of stairs. Circle until you come to the door with the book lock attached to it. Inside this room, you will find the safe with a clock drawing on it. Your goal is to find three different colored gears to fix the clock on the museum’s main level. The time the clock goes to after being fixed is the code to open the safe.

Where to Find the Green Gear


In the same room as the safe, you will find a globe with a red X on it. Interact with it to spin it slightly until the globe opens, revealing the Green Gear.

Where to Find the Yellow Gear


A gray wall with a blue light hangs on the room’s other side. Interact with the light to spine the wall. You will gain access to the room with the heart locked you visited previously.


Before entering the room, there is a cardboard box with a kettlebell. Grab it and go into the Heart room. A blue pressure plate needs the kettlebell on top of it.


Once you do that, the picture above the bed will spin, revealing the Yellow Gear.

Where to Find the Blue Gear


Head back to the room with the Safe and Globe. There is a workbench with a chrome hood ornament.


Grab the ornament and head to the garage where Mr. Paterson’s care is. Attach the ornament to the car, and the hood will open, revealing the Blue Gear.

How to Finish Night 3


Head to the clock on the bottom floor and put all gears inside. The time will say 11:35.


Go back to the safe and enter the code. After grabbing your camera, you will be treated with a cutscene and sent to Day 4.

Hello Neighbor 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass.

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