How to Complete Night 4 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2

At the museum, they're beginning to disassemble the mummies exhibit... I guess that's a wrap, then.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to complete night four puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2? Completing Day 4 will send you to the museum for the last night. All of your investigations, puzzle-solving, and stealth (or not) has led to this. You will now get to solve the puzzle, save the kid, and hopefully bring Mr. Paterson to justice. Three different puzzles during Night 4 will ultimately lead to the game’s ending. Here is everything you need to know about completing Night 4 puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2.

How to Complete Night 4 Puzzles in Hello Neighbor 2

You will unlock the final room in the museum, gain access to the attic, escape the attic, and then have your showdown with Mr. Paterson during Night 4. How exciting!

How to Complete the Bookshelf Puzzle


Go into the library by unlocking it with the gear key. Then, open the book on the table to obtain the wrench.


Take the wrench to the door on the second level and unlock it. Find the book on the toilet, and return it to the library in its marked spot.


Climb up to the roof by the TV on the second level. Open up the crate and pull the antenna out.


You will need to climb to the roof and install the antenna. Then, rotate them so they are both angled upwards diagonally.


Go back to the TV and use the knob to change the channel once. Wait a second until you see an icon appear. Repeat this process two more times until you have seen three total icons. This is the order you need to pull the books on the bookshelf in the library. Remember this pattern: Fire, Flower, and Planet.


Head back to the library and pull books in the order you saw on the TV, and the stuffed bear head will be given to you. You can now attach it to the stuffed animal and access the attic, which leads to the next puzzle.

How to Unlock and Escape the Cage


The Key to the cage is hanging on a hook to your right. Unlock it and go inside. After a brief cutscene, you will be locked in the cage.


Grab the toggle switch that is hanging in the lizard toy.


The scissors are on the nightstand by the lamp and bed. Cut the spiderwebs on the cage door to reveal a color-coded tumbler lock. You will need to look for the different colored gameboard pieces, each with a number representing the tumbler lock. You are entering the code from behind, so you need to go over by the cardboard boxes and look at the front of the lock. You will need to rotate until the code is in the red square on the front of the lock. The code is 30257.


Put the toggle switch in its home to the right of the picture to open a secret door. A hatch will drop you back into the library.

How to Escape the Museum

Drop down into the library using the hatch in the secret attic room. Watch for the bear traps that are spread around the museum. You can trigger them if you approach them carefully. If you get caught, you need to look down and interact with it.


Go to the main level and get your crowbar from the display case. Hide in the alcove underneath the left set of stairs.


Open the door to your right. Step on the boards to make them squeak. You need him to go out the door and come back in as you have to steal the wrench in his back pocket.


Use the wrench on the fireplace place cover to reveal the Key, but you need to find another fire extinguisher before grabbing it.


Head to the allow to your right (the same door you ricked him into) when you stole the wrench. A fire extinguisher in a box will be hanging on the wall to the right. Undo the bolt, grab it, and return to the alcove by the fireplace. Extinguish the fire in the fireplace, and grab the Key.


There are two boards and a lock you will need to deal with, so you may have to do it in a couple of phases if Mr. Parterson starts chasing after you. But first, unlock the main door to the museum and escape!

What Just Happened?!


Mr. Paterson’s wife and daughter died in previous games. He became increasingly paranoid and locked his son up to keep him safe. In the first game, he locked him up in the basement of the first house. He then fled to the museum, where he locked up Aaron in the attic.

The books have confirmed that Aaron loves his father and understands that he is the only person his father has left, his father is injured, and Aaron blames himself for the accidents that killed both his mother and sister.

The guy that knocks out Quentin is a mystery, but fan theories state it could be the Guest or the Man in the Top Hat. This mystery is solved later on per the developers. However, after the credits roll, we see that the story isn’t over. Will we get an update or DLC, or do we have to wait for another game? Only time will tell.

After completing the main story, why don’t you try the included DLC: Late Fees and Back to School?

Hello Neighbor 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass.

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