How to Complete the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge in BitLife

Respect the streets!

by Kara Phillips

Every week, the new Challenge in BitLife will give players ample opportunity to reinvest their time into the mobile title and explore more of the activities and options you have while controlling your character’s life. Although a lot of these challenges are designed around pop culture and popular TV shows such as Gilmore Girls and Bob’s Burgers, there are occasionally challenges to have you exploring BitLife mechanics down to its core, like the Dirty Jobs Challenge and the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge follows in close pursuit. So, if you’re looking to tackle the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge, read on to find out what you need to do. 

What to Do to Complete the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge in BitLife

The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Challenge is all about street hustle, so you’ll need to start with the Street Hustler Special Career pack. This can be obtained by entering the occupations menu, scrolling to the bottom until you find Special Careers, and then the Street Hustler pack. Once you’ve got this, you’ll be free to start the Challenge. You’ll need to follow five steps to complete the Challenge, which are listed below. 

  • Panhandle 5+ Times on Various Streets
  • Busk 5+ Times on Various Streets
  • Scam 25+ People
  • Emigrate 5+ Times
  • Earn one million dollars from street hustling

When you start the Challenge, the predominant focus will be on panhandling and busking, both options you can select by entering Jobs>Street Hustler>Hustles and selecting Panhandler and Busker. You’ll be able to choose your method and street from this menu. When scamming people, you must enter the People menu within the Street Hustler menu and select your scam victim. It’s essential to remember that these methods are not always 100% effective

When it comes to emigrating, this refers to changing the street you’re hustling on, which can be done by selecting the option at the bottom of the Street Hustler career menu and selecting a different road to work on. Depending on where you move, you’ll be able to cash in more profit. So, get hustling to earn that million and complete the Challenge!

BitLife is available on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2022

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