How to Complete the Nico Forge Challenge in Midnight Suns

Crush your opponents in this Forge Challenge every time with these tips!

by J.R. Waugh
Image: Firaxis Games

Nico Minoru is a fascinating, deadly character in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Descended from dark wizards, she wields the powerful Staff of One in the battle against her enemies, with the Roulette effect prominently on display for many of her cards in the game. She’s a useful character but does require discipline and careful consideration for what moves to use. No more is this demonstrated than in her unique Forge Challenge in Midnight Suns, where Nico has to defeat all enemies in one turn using only the cards she is dealt.

How to Win the Nico Minoru Forge Challenge Every Time in Midnight Suns

Unlike The Hunter’s Forge Challenge, you’ll need to keep a closer eye on the variety of cards you have. But much like any other Forge Challenge, there’s a specific order of operations you must follow to complete it, and it’ll feel like a combat puzzle. The steps are the following:

  • First, redraw (‘Square’ or ‘X’) the Blood Magic card, then the Empower card.
  • Play the Blood Magic card you get from the redraw, it’ll apply 2 Strengthened for Nico when used on her.
  • Play both of the Double Up cards you will have in your hand, which will give a second copy each for your Witchfire and Witchstorm cards. If you did this right, you’ll have 2 Witchstorm, and 2 Witchfire cards. If this doesn’t appear, restart your encounter and follow the steps again closely.
  • Cast Witchstorm on the left-most Whisper, then the right-most for the second time, so that each of the 4 enemies gets hit 2 times apiece. Follow the images provided in the slideshow.
  • Cast Witchfire twice. This will finish off each enemy.
  • A Crystal will appear with 160 HP. Use the Crack the Sky card you’re given on it, and you’ll complete the challenge.
  • Midnight-Suns-Nico-Forge-Challenge-Step-1
  • Midnight-Suns-Nico-Forge-Challenge-Step-2
  • Midnight-Suns-Nico-Forge-Challenge-Step-3
  • Midnight-Suns-Nico-Forge-Challenge-Step-4
  • Midnight-Suns-Nico-Forge-Challenge-Step-5
  • Midnight-Suns-Nico-Forge-Challenge-Step-6

Completing the Nico Forge Challenge in Midnight Suns gets you her Midnight Sun outfit, and the amazing Crack the Sky card. This is just one of the many side tasks you can perform in the game, along with a surprisingly fascinating overworld outside, unlocked by the Words of Power you can obtain from the Elder Gods’ trials.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns released on December 2, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. A port for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will be released at a later date.

- This article was updated on December 10th, 2022

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