How to Get All Words of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Collect them all to gain access to all of The Grounds!

by J.R. Waugh
Image: Firaxis Games

Marvel’s Midnight Suns might have a great tactical roleplaying experience as its core offering, but it remains a substantial experience even between combat missions. The third-person exploration feature unveils tons of Marvel lore on many of its magic-based heroes, as well as some fascinating challenges and mechanics to open new areas. One such mechanic involves the Words of Power in Midnight Suns, commands you can make in the overworld outside of battle that invokes the might of the Elder Gods for various purposes.

Where Do You Find the Words of Power in Midnight Suns?

Image: Firaxis Games

To get all 4 Words of Power in Midnight Suns, you’ll need to complete the Trials of the Elder Gods after opening the Blood Gates and placing the Moon Seals you are given or find, into their corresponding pedestals. Beyond each Blood Gate is a Trial of ascending difficulty, with each Gate only reachable after gaining the previous Word of Power. Typically, it involves defeating 16 of the Challenge’s generated enemies within 4 turns, and the good news is, you get Charlie the Hellhound as an ally.

This is a side quest that lets you open the map of The Grounds, the in-game overworld, with new areas to explore and rare items to be found. It is all triggered when you begin Agatha Harkness’ side story, and the locations for each of the Words of Power in Midnight Suns, as well as the conditions to reach them, are below:


  • Midnight-Suns-Words-of-Power-Open
  • Midnight-Suns-Words-of-Power-Open-Location

The first Word of Power is the easiest, gained after you start Agatha’s questline by speaking to her ghost when going to her memorial early in the game. Side questers who like to explore the map will likely have triggered this while trying to reach new areas of The Grounds, and this is the first tool you’ll need to get there, opening doors. This Blood Gate is just northeast of The Abbey and it’ll have a simple challenge mission that you won’t have to be a high level to complete. One piece of advice on this challenge is to use Charlie’s ‘Howl’ on a cluster of enemies first to gain Marked, so you can chain as many KOs as possible.


  • Midnight-Suns-Words-of-Power-Reveal
  • Midnight-Suns-Words-of-Power-Reveal-Location

This one you’ll want to collect all 4 elemental rods for, but beyond that, you’ll still need to find the Gate afterward. Reveal can be reached quickly after getting Open, as you proceed south along the path away from the first Blood Gate, then east past the door you can use Open on. Proceed northeast through Dreamer’s Descent, up the stairs, and past the Standing Stones (keep an eye out for the multiple combinations you can use on these) to reach the Blood Gate, carved into the mountain and glowing red.

You have to be here at night for it to open, so if you’re there in the daytime, go to The Abbey, complete a mission, and return to activate the next combat trial. Complete it, and place the Moon Seal you got from the Elemental Rods puzzle into the pedestal to get Reveal.


  • Midnight-Suns-Purify-Words-of-Power
  • Midnight-Suns-Words-of-Power-Purify-Location

In the area where you got Reveal, proceed further through an exit from the same cave to reach Valley of the Winds. Go north and along the path lit by green torches until you reach Shaw’s Church, where you must investigate and get Doctor Strange’s help to proceed. For this part, you’ll need to complete “The Bell Tolls” and come back here again to have him open the passage after researching remnants of the boss character you defeat in that mission. This will lead to a passage with some clues you can investigate, prompting the next portion of your journey.

Walk back into the church, and use ‘Reveal’ on the desk with the papers laid out on it. It will prompt the next part of the quest, where Agatha explains that these are drawings of different locations where witches died during the time of Hiram Shaw. You will need to go to the locations shown in each drawing (or use our images provided here) and obtain the Stained Soil.

Return to Agatha to be shown a drawing of the Hanging Tree, where you’ll need to go next by going west from Shaw’s Church. Use Reveal on a long bridge you encounter to restore the path, continue along, and take a left up the stairs, then left again to reach the Tree. Once you get there, use Reveal on the Tree to get the Moon Seal. Go back down the stairs to the east to reach the next Blood Gate, where you’ll want to be level 10-12 to get ‘Purify.’


  • Midnight-Suns-Words-of-Power-Break
  • Midnight-Suns-Words-of-Power-Break-Location

Continue west into the Garden of Envy to reach Lilith’s Garden, and speak to Agatha. You’ll need to find the three pieces of the Moon Seal, scattered about this area of the map, and bring them back to her to assemble them. Do so, then go north to open the last Blood Gate, where you’ll want to be level 14-16 to complete. Do so, and place the final Moon Seal, and you’ll gain Break, the last of the Words of Power in Midnight Suns.

Gaining these Words of Power in Midnight Suns will allow you access to the entire map of The Grounds, and all of its secrets, lore, Tarot Cards, and Arcane Chests. It also reveals the truth about Agatha’s fate, and the horrors encountered by Salem under Hiram Shaw, who saw witches as a threat to be exterminated. You’ll get tons of rewards by doing this, so it’s highly advised, as it’ll also give a healthy boost to your Arcane Knowledge, but you’ll need to get fairly far into the story and keep your level reasonably high to succeed.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns released on December 2, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. A port for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will be released at a later date.

- This article was updated on December 10th, 2022

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