PSA: Pet Charlie the Hellhound Every Chance You Get in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns has an adorable new hellhound pet.

by J.R. Waugh
Image: Firaxis Games

Marvel’s Midnight Suns pays tribute to many excellent Marvel characters, but still manages to create interesting, engaging new heroes and allies to add to the ever-growing roster. Along with the protagonist, The Hunter, we meet Charlie, their pet hellhound, and despite the demonic designation, you’ll quickly see that Charlie’s still a very good dog. In Midnight Suns, you have the option to interact with your friends at The Abbey, and most importantly in this context, check in on Charlie, and we’re just here to say: pet the hellhound.

Why You Should Pet Charlie in Midnight Suns

When between missions in Midnight Suns, if you find Charlie at the Abbey, you can pet her (‘Square’ or ‘X’ on the gamepad) and gain 5 Arcane Knowledge. You can also eventually level up your friendship with Charlie if you pet her once a day. This is similar to interacting with other heroes in the Abbey to gain Friendship Level points with them but takes a mere fraction of the time and effort.

Image: Firaxis Games

This goes toward bringing up your Arcane Level, which increases the number of rewards you get from arcane chests scattered about the Abbey and surrounding areas as you explore in third-person mode. The rewards are typically cosmetics for your heroes or decorations for your room, and having a greater Arcane Level will mean a greater chance of getting rare, appealing rewards you can potentially wear in battle including color schemes for your armor.

The logic behind petting a dog to increase your level is a bit odd. Still, considering she’s a demonic hellhound, a creature not everyone gets to see, let alone keep as a pet, lines up nicely with the definition of arcane. So your character is not only bonding with their sweet, loyal pet, they’re gaining a deeper understanding of the esoteric simply by spending time with creatures feared or shunned by regular society. This is why it increases your Arcane Level similarly to finding artifacts, but this is a guaranteed small bursary of points the first time you pet her after a mission, so you should do it every chance you get. But your greatest reason of all to pet Charlie? She’s a good girl and deserves your love and praise.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns released on December 2, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. A port for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will be released at a later date.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2022

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