How to Cook in Project Zomboid

We can't promise an appearance on MasterChef, but you can whip up a mean roast.

by J.R. Waugh
Image: The Indie Stone

Project Zomboid is hard. This article could end with that statement and still be appreciated for that simple truth. But the game is also a uniquely rewarding isometric survival horror sim where you can pretty much be or do anything you want. This level of freedom can be intimidating to some, but it also injects some fascinating roleplaying into an otherwise oversaturated, samey genre. Among the many roles you can play is as a chef of sorts, making sure to cook any supplies you need to survive the long haul in Project Zomboid.

How Do You Cook Food in Project Zomboid?

Image: The Indie Stone

To cook in Project Zomboid, simply select the Crafting icon (on the left, with a hammer in the icon) then select Cooking among the top tabs, select a recipe you have ingredients for, and hit Craft One or Craft All. There are a ton of recipes you can cook depending on what supplies you have, and can range in complexity but also in overall benefits when you consume them. This is a vital tool to survive, and whether you’re a Chef, a Burger Flipper, or something non-culinary like a Mechanic, you can use this mechanic to potentially save your life.

How Do You Find Cooking Supplies?

To cook in Project Zomboid, you’ll need anything ranging from canned supplies, to steel cookware, to the meat or produce. The recipe system is fairly streamlined, with recipes you have available to cook showing up in full color, and you’ll have an easy time at least finding a can opener and various canned goods to start. From there, keep mindful of your surroundings, and houses you can explore to raid their pantries or even larger kitchens such as for diners.

Everything you find is fair game, but be careful, and if you’re with a friend, keep an eye out for each other, zombies and the elements can spell a quick end for you.

- This article was updated on January 18th, 2023

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