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How to do a Finesse Shot FIFA 19

Finesse your way around the goalie and into the net.

by William Schwartz


The finesse shot is back in FIFA 19 and it once again serves the purpose of taking a highly accurate shot on goal with the sacrifice being a little bit of the power that you’ll find on a normal shot. The trade-off is that Finesse shots are a little bit harder to execute and will add a bit of curve to the shot which often does well to get around the goalie.

The finesse shot can be used in a number of different scenarios, but we’ve found that it’s a really good shot to use when you are one on one with the goalie and they are the only one between you and the goal. Since the shot uses a curve, you’re going to want to angle the player to take the shot with their dominant foot and then try to curve the ball around the goalkeeper. The finesse shot won’t look as powerful as other shots, but it can be used from a number of different distances.

FIFA 19 Finesse Shots

Xbox: RB + B
PlayStation: R1 + Circle

The finesse shot in FIFA 19 is done by pressing the RB + B Button (Xbox) R1 + Circle (PlayStation).

Finesse shots can also be combined with Timed Finishes to get an even more accurate shot on goal. This mechanic requires that you press the shoot button a second time, right when you player is about to strike the ball with his feet.

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