How to Do a Finishing Move in Modern Warfare 2

Get ready to pull this tricky move to your next enemies.

by Carlos Hurtado

Modern Warfare 2 has many fun mechanics and features, and many players take advantage of them. In recent years many games have tried to make the experience as enticing and exciting as possible. Along the way, they have added a few mechanics dedicated to captivating players while making them feel badass. Modern Warfare 2 lets players feel like the protagonist of their action movie, and nothing feels better than performing a finishing move on an unexpected player. This is why we will show you how to do a finishing move in Modern Warfare 2 and show your enemies who is the real menace.

How to Do a Finishing Move in Modern Warfare 2

To perform a finishing move in Modern Warfare 2, players need to position themselves behind an enemy player and press and hold the melee button. Shortly after doing what we previously stated, the player’s perspective should change for a couple of seconds while he sees the finishing move his character performs on the enemy. Performing a finishing move in Modern Warfare 2 can be hard to accomplish when most players are sprinting around corridors and rushing enemy positions.

Many players get excited about long killstreaks or getting a couple of kills using an ineffective weapon, but performing a finishing move in Modern Warfare 2 is on another level. The game offers players a wide array of finishing moves for players to try, and most of them are more than exciting.

The only thing that could be improved about finishing moves is that even though players can watch a small preview image of the finishing move they have selected, they do not have a way of watching how the whole animation will play out in a real scenario, so players cannot know for sure if they will like the finishing move they have equipped until they try it in a match.

Some players have complained about this on social media, and the developers have not released an official statement regarding the problem, so Modern Warfare 2’s community should not expect a tweak or change in this section of the game. Many players are not happy about the game’s UI/UX design, and this is one of the few issues players have with the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

- This article was updated on February 2nd, 2023