How to Do the No Bra Glitch in GTA Online

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by Diego Perez
Image: Rockstar Games

While Grand Theft Auto Online has a huge range of clothing items and accessories, some players have a more unique fashion sense. This glitch will let you remove your GTA Online character’s bra when wearing certain jackets.

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GTA Online No Bra Glitch Guide

This glitch is super easy to perform and works on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC as of the latest GTA Online patch. Sometimes your character’s appearance will be reverted back to normal after loading into a new lobby or playing a misson, but you can easily redo the glitch to fix your look again.

To get started, head to any clothing store. Approach the main cashier counter and browse the premade outfits. Choose Business Skirts and then select The 9-5. When wearing this outfit, find a space to browse tops and choose any jacket. Denim jackets work best with this glitch, but some players can make it work with other types. You’ll easily be able to tell if the glitch worked since your character won’t have a shirt on underneath the jacket.

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To maintain the look, just save it as a custom outfit at the cashier counter or your apartment. You’ll then be able to swap between this outfit and your other styles from the interaction menu at any time. If the glitch stops working after you load into a new session or log out of GTA Online, just use the interaction menu to swap outfits.

How to Do the Topless Glitch in GTA Online

Image: Rockstar Games

There’s a more complicated glitch that lets you replicate these effects without wearing a jacket. If you’re that desperate, here’s what you need to do.

First, wear the outfit that you want to do the glitch on. You cannot change the outfit once the glitch is done, so make sure you have everything set up the right way before getting started. All that will change is the shirt being removed. Everything else, including accessories, will remain.

To start the glitch, create a new male GTA Online character. As the male, head to a Binco Clothing store and equip the following clothing items.

  • Party Shirts: Burgundy Garland Shortsleeve
  • Shorts: SN Swim Shorts
  • Sneakers: Pink Plain Hi Tops
  • Gloves: Light Woodland Tactical

Make sure that these are the only clothes that you have equipped (no accessories!) and then save the outfit in the second saved outfit slot at the cashier counter. Name it “Shirt” to keep track of it. Now, it’s time to make a second outfit with the following clothes.

  • Leather Jackets: Leopard Leather Fur Jacket
  • Tank Tops: Yellow Striped Tank
  • Shorts: SN Swim Shorts
  • Chains: Bronze Coin Pendant
  • Gloves: Light Woodland Tactical
  • Sneakers: Pink Plain Hi Tops

Save the outfit in the third slot just below the other one you made and name it “Jacket” to keep track of it. Then, take the easy way out to make your character respawn. Rockstar removed this from the interaction menu in a recent patch, so you’ll need to find it in the Online menu. Once you respawn, pause the game and open the Creator. Choose to create a Race and then choose the tutorial.

Image: Rockstar Games

Choose yes to start the Tutorial and then immediately pause and select Choose Character from the Online menu. At the selection screen, delete the male character that you’ve been using and then return to GTA V’s story mode. From there, head to an Invite Only GTA Online session.

Once you’re in a private lobby, save your current outfit in the very bottom slot while at your apartment. Name it “Outfit” so you know it’s your existing one. Next, equip the Black Stuntman Suit found in the Luxury category of premade outfits and then save it as a custom outfit in the very first slot above the two that you made as the male character. Name it “Stuntman.” From there, equip any Bodysuit.

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The next part is tricky, so it might take a few tries. In your apartment, find the telescope. Run past it horizontally (moving parallel with the windows) and your character will stop running because of an invisible collision wall in front of the telescope where you would normally look into it. If your character doesn’t stop and continues past the telescope, you’ll know that it didn’t work. When your character stops running, equip the Black Stuntman Suit outfit that you just saved.

Now, head back to your wardrobe and equip these clothing items.

  • Mini Dresses: Black Mini Dress
  • Bikinis: Black Bikini
  • Gloves: Black Fingerless Gloves

Remove the helmet and resave this outfit in the first custom slot, overwriting the Black Stuntman Suit look. Next, start the Point and Shoot Job. This is a Contact Mission for Lamar from the Lowriders update, so you should be able to find it easily from the Job menu. Once you reach the settings menu before matchmaking starts, choose Player Saved Outfits in the Clothing section and then select Confirm Settings.

Invite someone to the session (make sure Matchmaking is set to Closed so randoms can’t join) and then choose the “Jacket” outfit you made as your temporary male character. It should look glitched and your character’s body should be clipping through it. Launch the Job and then head to an Ammu-Nation store. Save the outfit in the first slot over the “Stuntman” outfit and then delete “Shirt” and “Jacket” from your saved list.

Image: Rockstar Games

Once they’re gone and your glitched outfit is saved, open your phone and select Job List to quit the mission and return to free roam. You should still be inside Ammu-Nation when you find a session. Browse the preset outfits inside the Ammu-Nation store and select The Fumigator outfit from the Heist Coveralls category.

At this point, you’re nearly done. Head back to your apartment and do the telescope glitch again. Remember, you need to run in front of the telescope until your character hits an invisible wall and stops in their tracks. When they stop, equip the “Stuntman” outfit from the first slot. Head to your wardrobe and resave the outfit in the first slot. There’s no need to rename it or change anything for now.

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Once that’s done, open the interaction menu and navigate to the Style section where you can change outfits. From there, repeatedly select the “Stuntman” outfit. Eventually, a yellow circle will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen that indicates that the game is saving. When that circle shows up, leave GTA Online from the Online menu.

This will bring you back to story mode. Now, just completely exit Grand Theft Auto V and restart the game. Load back into GTA Online and spam select the outfit again just like you did before. Once you see the yellow circle, start the A Titan of a Job mission. It’s at the very top of the Missions section of the Jobs list since it’s in alphabetical order.

Image: Rockstar Games

Once you’re in the Job, head to an Ammu-Nation store. Open the interaction menu and head to the Style section. Choose Accessories and then equip and unequip the LCD Earpiece. Save the outfit in the “Stuntman” slot once more and then quit the Job using your phone. Back in a free roam session but still in the Ammu-Nation store, wear any of the preset Prison Guard outfits or Gruppe Sechs uniforms. Once you’re wearing a uniform, start the Point and Shoot Job from earlier and repeat the setup steps until you reach the outfit selection.

At this point, change your Owned Outfit from Current to “Stuntman” and start the mission. Head back to Ammu-Nation and save the outfit in the first “Stuntman” slot to overwrite it for the last time. Finally, the topless glitched outfit will be saved permanently and you can rename the saved slot to whatever you like. Editing the outfit at all will undo the glitch, so don’t ever change it. If you want to edit your topless outfit, you’ll need to do the entire glitch all over again with a different set of clothes.

- This article was updated on January 2nd, 2024

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