How to do Tummy Time in The Sims 4

The best time of day!

by Kara Phillips
Image: EA

With the Infant Update in full swing for The Sims 4, players are finding all-new ways to bond with their family’s newest additions, and with the launch of the Growing Together expansion pack, there are more options than ever to make the most of family time. But, upon exploring new build mode items, Sim interactions with others are among some of the things players will explore during their gameplay.

Tummy Time is one of the new interactions Sims will be able to perform with infants, and it’s arguably one of the most adorable bonding activities players can experience, but that said, it’s not the easiest to navigate, and a lot of players have become confused about how to activate it. So if you’re looking to start this experience, read on.

Is Tummy Time in The Sims 4 Infant Update?

Unfortunately, players with access to only the Infant Update cannot perform the Tummy Time activity since it’s part of the Growing Together Expansion Pack. They can only be triggered when the infant uses a Tummy Time Mat. However, when you select the infant on the mat, you can select the tummy time activity to trigger your infant to develop a skill to roll over.

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One of the downsides to Tummy Time is that infants will usually end up in tears since they struggle to roll back over at first, and it’s rare for Tummy Time to result in a positive reaction at first. That said, infants master rolling reasonably quickly compared to other skills, so your Sims sleep shouldn’t be kept awake for too long.

Developing the skills of your infant is pretty important from a young age, and while Tummy Time sounds pretty ridiculous, it’s an essential step and development for raising an infant. While they keep you up now, screaming to be rolled over every five seconds during the night, at least you’ll be able to sleep it off eventually.

- This article was updated on March 17th, 2023