How to Drop Weapons in Party Animals

Wondering how to let go of your weapon in Party Animals?

by Gordon Bicker
Image from Party Animals in the tutorial with a corgi character wielding a weapon next to a punching bag.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Party Animals has many mechanics to wrap your head around at first and climbing is certainly one that can take some time to learn but dropping weapons (especially at the start) can be another you may need some help with. This article will take you through exactly how to drop weapons in Party Animals so you will be prepared for any round.

Dropping Weapons in Party Animals

Whenever you have picked up a weapon and decided you don’t need it anymore, you are of course able to let it go. However, I ran into an issue during the tutorial where it was possible to pick up a weapon before being told how to drop it by way of gameplay information in the next section. This may have happened to you too or you simply may have forgotten how to drop the weapon. Listed below are the key(s) for each platform to have your animal drop a weapon.

  • PC — Press the F key.
  • Console/Controller — Press the right trigger (R2) twice in a row.

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The trickier one to bear in mind will be the controller method since you have to actually press the trigger twice to stop the weapon from being held. Overall, once you have everything memorized, you will be good to go with the controls for a while. During the frantic heat of a match though, it’s better to have a quick search online for articles like this to work out the keys quickly if you can’t recall any of it in the moment.

Are Weapons Worth Using in Party Animals?

Absolutely, anytime you see a weapon you should go and try it out. They can give you an excellent advantage over opponents so there isn’t any reason as to why they aren’t worth your time. From hammers to lollipops, there truly is always one weapon you won’t be expecting to see waiting around for usage and it is brilliant.

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Now that you know how to drop weapons, you can get back into all of the maps and make your name known throughout Party Animals.

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