How to Earn $500k Dancing at the Beach in Roblox Festival Tycoon

Dancing in style to get the neon swords!

by Gordon Bicker


Roblox is the game that transcends norms for some games slowly fizzling out in player count over the years. The number of people playing this experience is still thriving and with lots of events happening during the year, there is always something for players to enjoy. One such event is the Chainsmokers event experience that is happening at the moment. There is one particular item challenge that you may be wondering how to complete though. This guide article will inform you of how to earn $500k dancing at the beach in the Roblox Festival Tycoon.

Earning $500k Dancing At the Beach in Roblox

In order to earn $500k dancing at the beach to get the Neon Sword Pack item, you will have to go to the glowing rectangles located next to the beach’s dance floor. The one on the right-hand side is available for free and you can tap/click to earn cash as you go. This cash will build up over time and you will eventually earn $500k. However, the rectangle on the left can be unlocked for 99 Robux. You will get $5000 with every tap whereas in the right-hand rectangle you will get $700 per tap although this number increases when on streaks.

The most time-consuming part of this endeavor is actually reaching and creating the beach itself. As it is a Tycoon, you will be building many areas as you venture through the world and you will have to follow a particular path meaning that it takes time to reach the beach since it is the last area you will build. Work your way through all of the Tycoon builds past the big stage area and the ‘Club Mooshu’ with the conference center. As you continue onwards, you will build stairs to the beach, and then you can start building all of the other areas on the beach including the dance floor.

Thankfully, your progress is saved at all times so you can leave and return to the experience at any time. You will have this challenge completed before the main concert in no time! As an extra piece of advice, you can exit the game and wait overnight until the morning, when you go back you will have an immense amount of cash waiting for you if you have already built a good chunk of the Tycoon.

Roblox is available at this very second on the platforms of Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, IOS, Android, and PC.

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