How to Fight the Krang Boss: Defeating the Grenade Launcher Monster in Scorn

Take down this deadly foe with our help!

by J.R. Waugh


In Scorn, you’ll face off against an assortment of abominations but also wholly neutral creatures that seemingly don’t want to fight you. Nearing the end, however, you’ll face a pair of deadly foes sporting an intriguing new weapon for you to try out. The enemies appear to be in the form of a biopunk mecha suit, a cyborg body fitted with some demonic-looking, baby-sized hellions in jars to pilot them, with a triple-barrel rotary grenade launcher. These creatures in Scorn might resemble Krang from the Ninja Turtles series, and their grenade launcher and move set can be tricky to navigate.

Scorn ‘Krang’ Fight: How to Defeat the Cyborg with a Grenade Launcher


This creature awakens when you place the demonic baby inside its abdomen, with the first encounter providing a pretty clear clue: attacking the little imp shuts down the cyborg, allowing you to juice it for the essential fluids to progress. The second Krang that appears is the biggest fight, so here are our tips:

  • Before loading the demon baby inside, equip your close combat weapon instead of either of your guns. Keep your distance, and try to run to the left or the right of the Krang boss as much as possible, the grenade launcher can be tricky to dodge but only deals one segment of health damage, more reasonable than the knockback from its melee attacks if you stay too close.
  • It has 3 rotary barrels of the launcher, each holding 4 shots maximum, but you’ll find it runs out of shots after around 9; once it runs out, it will crouch to reload, exposing 2 sacs on either end. Use your bolt gun/close combat weapon to save ammo, you’ll want to save your shotgun for the second phase. Each sac takes 2 hits.


  • After taking out these sacs, the Krang will collapse, and you’ll be able to attempt to grab its grenade launcher, but like in other instances in Scorn, have your weapon ready in case it gets back up. Equip your shotgun and make sure it is loaded. 
  • After you try to get its launcher, the mech gets back up and gets more aggressive. Immediately shoot the fleshy areas, particularly the head. Even one shot should do the trick, and it’ll expose the creature inside — shoot that once, and then reload. When the mech regains its poise, use this same routine to expose the baby, and after that hit, wait a moment, and shoot anywhere on the boss, that’ll likely be enough. Take the grenade launcher as your reward.

General tip: There are cages in the room that house dangling body parts, use these as mobile cover not only to help dodge the grenades but also to gain some distance so it doesn’t get you with a melee attack. Grenades can hurt you if they make direct contact, but can still explode, so keep moving away even, or rather, especially if you get hit.

When you go to the machine with the creature’s corpse, you’ll find the canister will only go half-full with the fluids, so you know what that means: you have to juice another. Go back to the room and grab the other imp to put into the Krang. It’ll be behind a gate you can open by standing on the nearby pressure plate and firing a grenade into the opening above. This fight is easy, just let it fire a few rounds, get behind it, and shoot into its pack with the launcher as you did with the pressure plate. This instantly kills it.


Scorn released on October 14, 2022, for PC and Xbox Series X|S. It is also a Day One Xbox Game Pass exclusive.

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