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How to Find and Operate Undertale’s New Dog Shrine

by Dylan Siegler


Undertale, the PC cult classic from 2015, came to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita earlier this week. Between the PC and PlayStation versions, there aren’t many differences. However, one of the differences is that the PlayStation versions of the game include a new area called the Dog Shrine, which exists solely for PlayStation Trophy purposes. This new area presents what is undoubtedly the most Undertale way to earn PlayStation Trophies.

To access the Dog Shrine, you have to get through Snowdin and not kill Papyrus when you get to him. After the battle, you will be invited to go on a date with him at his house. The house is inaccessible if you kill him, so please, use some MERCY, human. Once inside Papyrus’s house, interact with his heightened sink. Once the sink cabinet opens up and the dog runs off with Papyrus’s bone, the cabinet will stay open. Now, you can walk into the sink cabinet, which will lead you to a secret room where you can interact with the Dog Shrine.

Interacting with the Dog Shrine will prompt the player to donate (or, excuse me, “dognate”) 1G. There are various milestones of dognations and reaching each will give you a PlayStation Trophy. First, the dog only asks for 2G. Once you leave the Dog Shrine and enter again after donating the 2G, you will find that the dog has purchased fairy lights for the shrine. Now the dog asks for 4G. Pay the 4G, receive your Trophy, exit, re-enter and you’ll see the dog has now purchased some dumplings. This continues for a while and is all the Dog Shrine does. You dognate an increasing amount of money, get a Trophy, exit, enter again to see the dog used your dognation to buy something, give the dog a larger dognation, rinse and repeat. By the time you accomplish everything the Dog Shrine has to offer, IGN reports that you will have collected 15 Trophies and dognated a total of 350G. Oh, and you can only dognate 1G at a time. So you’ll be there a while. The full list of dognation milestones and what the dog buys with them is below.

2G – Dog buys fairy lights (2G total dognated)
4G – Dog buys dumplings (6G total dognated)
6G – Dog buys inflatable wacky waving mascot (12G total dognated)
8G – Dog buys a framed photo of Papyrus (20G total dognated)
10G – Dog buys a larger Dog Shrine (30G total dognated)
13G – Dog buys a boombox playing more upbeat “Dogsong” that can be sped up (43G total dognated)
16G – Dog buys a video game disc that is incompatible with the boombox (59G total dognated)
19G – Dog buys another framed photo of Papyrus (78G total dognated)
22G – Dog buys a short rope (100G total dognated)
25G – Dog buys a bigger dognation box that still accepts only 1G at a time (125G total dognated)
30G – Dog buys a dog food dispenser (155G total dognated)
35G – Dog buys “blueprints,” which is just white paper with blue dog footprints on it (190G total dognated)
40G – Dog buys another short rope (230G total dognated)
50G – Dog buys a framed rejection letter from the Shrine Certification Committee (280G total dognated)
70G – Dog buys an even larger Dog Shrine (350G total dognated)

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