How to Find the Hidden Korok in Iron Marines Invasion

How many times have you missed that Korok?

by Davi Braid
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Finding the Hidden Korok is the requirement to unlock the Breath of the Wild achievement in Iron Marines Invasion, but these little creatures are easy to miss.

If you returned twice already to the second mission’s planet and have not yet found the Korok, don’t worry. We will guide you to the exact location, and you might be surprised to realize that it was right there all along.

The Hidden Korok’s Location in Iron Marines Invasion

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Hidden Korok is hiding inside a stone circle. It should be right next to where the mission begins. When you start moving away from the starting point, check the northern area of the map. Look for a small circle of rocks. It can be easily overlooked unless you know what to look for. Once you’ve located the object, just stay close to it until the Korok appears. Wait until you get the message about an achievement unlocked, then proceed to complete the rest of the mission normally.

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If you’ve already completed the mission, you can easily revisit it. In between missions, before going to any planet, check the top of your screen. There is an element of the UI that records your progress in the campaign. It also allows you to return to previous missions and play them again. It looks like a bunch of dots in a line. The blue ones are the cleared missions, the orange ones are your current missions, and the dark ones are missions you haven’t unlocked yet. Click on the arrow on the left to go back to display completed missions and select the second one, “Call to Action.”

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Breath of the Wild is not one of the most important or one of the hardest Achievements in Iron Marines Invasion, but the fact it is so close to the initial area of the mission makes me miss it. Once it’s completed, you will get 100 of the game’s currency, which can be helpful to buy items for your Arsenal. If you’re playing on Hard, these items make a significant difference when facing a lot of enemies at once.

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