How to Fix the UC Vigilance Door Bug in Starfield

Getting stuck on a red door by chance? You're not the only one.

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Bethesda Softworks

Starfield has many quests to progress through and with many quests can come many bugs. A certain door has been giving players the run around recently thanks to one of those very bugs. I know that without the handy help of a found solution, the process of working out where to actually go is none too easy. This article will take you through how to fix the UC Vigilance door glitch in Starfield.

Deep Cover Docking Ports Door Fix in Starfield

After a number of players ended up getting stuck at this door, word started to spread around the community about it, and an extremely useful video by “No Nonsense Guides” recorded the process for getting around the issue. It isn’t the door itself that is the glitch but instead, the quest’s tracking does not act effectively. Which of course leads you to get stuck outside of the door for an immense amount of time.

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In order to fix the issue, you shouldn’t go to the door in the first place but go to the UC Vigilance Operations Center by way of the nearby elevator. Walk straight ahead after the lift and you will get there in no time. When you are in the Operations room, speak to Commander Kibwe Ikande at the back who is standing with arms placed in front. After that, you then need to speak to LT. Jillian Toft in the same room who is just on the right-hand side.

After you have successfully followed the process, the tracking for the quest will successfully work again for you. This means you can continue to complete the Deep Cover quest without any issues as you needed these conservations to be finished first. Furthermore, the next stage of the quest involves you going to Cydonia so you’ll be getting a healthy dose of freedom after likely being stuck at that red door for a while.

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Now that you don’t have to worry about this Starfield bug any longer for the quest, it’s time to hop back into the game and finish up Deep Cover!

- This article was updated on September 4th, 2023

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