How to Fix Travel Distance while Sliding with Icy Feet Not Working in Fortnite

Are you not getting the correct distance shown sliding with Icy Feet in Fortnite?

by Gordon Bicker

Fortnite has many quests that require you to travel a certain distance by an irregular means of doing so and one of these involves Icy Feet.

However, some players have been finding that the distance counter is not being updated for the slide quest and this article will take you through how to fix the issue with the Icy Feet slide in Fortnite.

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Fix for Travel Distance Not Working in Fortnite With Icy Feet

There commonly won’t be any issue with this quest for many that isn’t an easy fix. When you “slide” with the icy feet, you have to do a slide by pressing the crouch button to go into a main slide either after running or after landing with icy feet. I noticed you can’t travel any distance for this quest if you are just sliding around generally while standing up with them active.

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If you have been performing a correct slide though with your character touching the ground and distance still isn’t registered, that will be a genuine bug. There isn’t anything you can do to fix that in the meantime but try it over and over again until it does work correctly. Within time you will be able to complete the quest without hassle hopefully if you have been encountering this or by waiting for a potential developer fix.

How to Get Icy Feet in Fortnite

The Icy Grappler weapon is by far one of the most effective current ways known by the community to quickly get Icy Feet for this quest. Since whenever you grapple up into the air, you will automatically get icy feet and then can slide right away when you land again. This makes the process of completing the quest much easier.

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Starting on a sloped mountain and grappling up towards a tree to then slide down again is an extremely effective tactic to get the 50 meters of distance you need. Now that you know how to fix the travel distance not getting calculated, you can jump back into the game and finally complete the quest.

- This article was updated on December 20th, 2023

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