How to Get a Sniper Rifle in Starfield

One shot, one kill.

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield How to Get a Sniper Rifle
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The sniper rifle is a staple for any discerning shooter player, and in Starfield, it’s easily a viable way to enjoy the combat. Sniper rifles might not be as saturated in the game as other weapon types, but you’ll find the game is flexible in what it considers to *be* a sniper in this case. That being said, there are several base weapons easily considered to be a sniper rifle in Starfield, so here’s how to get one!

Where Can You Get a Sniper Rifle in Starfield?

You can buy a sniper rifle almost anywhere in Starfield including weapon shops such as the following:

  • New Atlantis — Centaurian Arsenal, UC Surplus
  • Cydonia — UC Exchange
  • Hopetown — Best Defense
  • Neon — Neon Tactical

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The most important thing to note is that a scoped weapon in Starfield is effectively considered a sniper rifle. Certain guns can be purchased that already fit that bill, such as:

  • Old Earth Hunting Rifle
  • Magsniper
  • Hard Target

Other guns, like the Lawgiver, are one scope away from being considered a sniper rifle and reaping the benefits of the Sniper Certification skill, which brings us to our next point.

How to Make a Sniper Rifle in Starfield

Aside from reiterating our point that you can mod a scope onto your rifle to make it a sniper, you can add other mods to feel like a truly powerful marksman. The short scope only needs Optics and Laser Mods 1 researched, which requires no skill investment, and you can also get alternatives like the medium or recon scope, which take Optics and Laser Mods 2 and 3 respectively.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If you want the sniper rifle of your dreams though, it’s best to invest in Weapon Engineering ranks and use the Research Lab to unlock the following mod options:

  • Scopes (Optics and Laser Mods 1+)
  • Long Barrel (Barrel Mods 1)
  • Muzzle Brake or Suppressor (Muzzle Mods 1+)
  • High Velocity (Internal Mods 2)
  • Semi-Automatic (Receiver Mods 1)

Beyond research, you’ll need the components, many of which can be easily purchased either at general goods stores or specialized mineral stores. I used this approach to kit out a semi-auto Beowulf, a very easy-to-use ballistic weapon in Starfield that shines when you convert it into a marksman or sniper rifle, unlocking its true firepower potential.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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