How to Get All Patch 6.51 Mounts and Minions in Final Fantasy XIV

Aloalo Island and more were added in Patch 6.51.

by Diego Perez
Image: Square Enix

Patch 6.51 may not be a major Final Fantasy XIV update, but it still adds a ton of new content. Between Aloalo Island and the Fall Guys collaboration, there are plenty of rewards to earn like free mounts and minions.

Every New FFXIV Patch 6.51 Mount and Minion

Because Patch 6.51 adds a new Variant Dungeon and a huge new eventto the Gold Saucer, there are a ton of rewards to earn. Thankfully, you can earn them all fairly quickly and most of them are tradeable so you can just buy them from the Market Board if you’re impatient.

ItemHow to Obtain
Pink Bean (Minion)Purchased from the Gold Saucer for 350 MGF.
Pegwin (Minion)Purchased from the Gold Saucer for 350 MGF.
Repulu (Minion)*Obtained from chests in Aloalo Island.
Uolosapa (Minion)*Obtained from chests in Aloalo Island.
Rhiyes (Mount)Purchased from the Gold Saucer for 410 MGF.
Spectral Statice (Mount)Obtained by unlocking all 12 Aloalo Island Conservation Records.
Quaqua (Mount)*Purchased from the Guildship Exchange for 100 Aloalo Coins.

An asterisk (*) indicates that an item is tradeable and can be purchased from the Market Board for Gil.

Image: Square Enix

The Aloalo Island rewards will be available permanently since that dungeon isn’t going anywhere, but the Fall Guys collaboration is a limited-time event that will only last through the end of 2023. It will rotate back into the Gold Saucer every now and then after the initial event period ends, but there’s no telling how long it’ll stick around or how often it’ll come back. Make sure to farm as much MGF as you can right now so you can claim your free rewards!

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In addition to mounts and minions, Patch 6.51 also adds some miscellaneous collectibles to Final Fantasy XIV like new Triple Triad cards and Orchestrion Rolls. There are some new emotes (purchased with Aloalo Potsherds or MGF) and a new hairstyle that mimics Durante’s braided hair from the post-Endwalker main scenario quests too, so don’t forget to grab those.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2023

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