All FFXIV Fall Guys Rewards and How to Get Them

Even this game show has its prizes.

by Jorge Aguilar
Final Fantasy players running through a Fall Guys show with many obstacles.
Image: Square Enix

There are plenty of rewards for the Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Fall Guys collaboration. When you participate in the event, you’ll go through shows similar to Fall Guys levels, and earn Manderville Gold Saucer Fame (MGF) Below, we’ve got all FFXIV Fall Guys Rewards and how to get them.

Rewards and their cost for the FFXIV Fall Guys collab

The table below shows all of the rewards for the FFXIV Fall Guys event and how much MGF is needed to purchase each.

RewardMGF Needed
Ballroom Etiquette – Embracing Blunders410
Blunder-villed Framer’s Kit200
Blunderful Framer’s Kit200
Blunderous Framer’s Kit200
Blunderville Crown220
Blunderville Donut Bumper220
Blunderville Flag220
Blunderville Hammer220
Blunderville Padded Wall220
Blunderville Rainbow220
Canary Yellow Dye150
Cherry Pink Dye150
Dragoon Blue Dye150
Everybody Falls (Fall Guys Theme) Orchestrion Roll220
Gentlebean Bottoms410
Gentlebean Knit Cap410
Gentlebean Parka410
Gentlebean Shoes410
Glossy Winner’s Crown410
Gold Saucer Aetheryte Ticket200
Gunmetal Black Dye750
Matte Winner’s Crown410
Metallic Brass Dye750
Pearl White Dye750
Pink Bean350
Rhiyes Identification Key410
Ruby Red Dye150
Standard Rationing Manual200
Turquoise Blue Dye150
Vanilla Yellow Dye150

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To participate, you need to be level 15 and complete the It Could Happen To You quest (starts at X:9.6, Y: 9.0), and then you can compete in the event Just Crowning Around (X: 4.8, Y:6.1). This event will allow you to earn the MGF needed to purchase the itmes above. So as you do better during the event, you’ll gain more MGF.

Fame can then be exchanged with the MGF Trader in Blunderville Square (X: 3.8, Y: 3.1) to obtain new mounts, furniture, dye, and glamour items based on the Fall Guys universe. I’ve loved Fall Guys since it released, so I definitely love seeing it collaborate with games this way.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2023

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