How to Change your Outfit in Powerwash Simulator

Gotta get dripped up to clean up.

by J.T. Isenhour


Powerwash Simulator has finally emerged from early access to resounding success. Many players have been putting a lot of fo time into the game and want to show off their dedication with some customized stuff.  Luckily there is a way to apply cosmetics to your power washer and your cleaner but it can be a bit tricky to figure out. Let’s go over how you can buy cosmetics to use and how to customize your power washer and cleaner in Powerwash Simulator.

How To Get Cosmetics in Powerwash Simulator

Getting cosmetics is quite easy but it will cost you some of your hard-earned money. There are two tabs at the bottom of the store where you can find your cosmetics for purchase. The first tab will have suits and gloves for your cleaners to wear. The second tab will have skins for your power washer, there are three total powerwashers in the game for you to use and each has its own skins. Sadly the skins will only work for one power washer each, so if you like a skin for one of the power washers you can’t get it on the others.


Luckily the suits and gloves are not locked to anything so you can use whatever skin you like the most. Currently, the suit skins are just solid colors and most of the glove skins are the same. There are a few glove skins that are not just a solid color but not many.

How To Customize Your Power Washer and Outfit in Powerwash Simulator

While it is quite easy to buy cosmetics, equipping them is a different story. While most games would let you equip cosmetics in the store, Powerwash Simulator does not work that way. In order to equip your cosmetics and change the way you look, you will need to head into the game, either a single-player or a multiplayer game will work.

Once you have loaded into a game you will want to open your equip menu which is on E by default. This will open the menu where you can equip different power washers, equip different extensions, change the nozzle you are using, and put on cleaning liquid.


Inside this menu, you will want to click the bottom right corner of the select power washer window. This will open up your skin selection for your current power washer and allow you to choose from any of the skins you have purchased. Skins you have not bought will now show up in this menu so keep that in mind. Most power washers only have a few skins currently and since the skins are not cross-washer you won’t see all the skins for all of your washers.

If you look at the top of the equipment menu you should see two tabs. Currently, you will be on your current loadout tab but next to it you should see a clothing tab. By going onto this tab you will see windows that show your currently equip suit and gloves as well as three empty boxes which many allude to future cosmetics.


By clicking on either the suit or gloves box, you will be taken to the full list of suits or gloves you can equip and select which ones you want to use. If you need any more help with Powerwash Simulator make sure to check out our other guides.

Powerwash Simulator is available on Xbox Game Pass and PC.


- This article was updated on July 22nd, 2022

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