How To Get Arcana Upgrades in Witchfire

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by Alejandro Josan
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A dark fantasy that will feature a magic-wielding protagonist who will need to get rid of hordes of enemies that can kill you in an instant. This roguelite while challenging, also is very rewarding and features several mechanics to help you out during your runs. One of those is the Arcana upgrades, and you better make use of them if you want to prolong your respawning life. Here is how to get Arcana upgrades in Witchfire.

Witchfire: How to Get Arcana Upgrades

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Arcana upgrades are certain modifiers you can pick from that will alter how you play the game in a way that will benefit you. There are three different types of Arcana upgrades you can choose from once you can pick them:

  • Firearms: Will alter your weapon’s properties (e.g. damage, fire rate, range, etc.).
  • Spells: Will provide magic effects and spell modifiers.
  • Varia: Further modifiers are included here (enemy health debuffs, health boosts, etc.).

Now, how do you unlock Arcana upgrades? Since this game is all about discovering things on your own, you will eventually find several different types of Crystals that drop from enemies. However, there is a particular one that you will have to get to unlock Arcana upgrades: the Deus Vult Witchfire Crystal. These will not be random drops. Instead, they will drop once you get rid of all enemies in an area.

Screenshot: The Astronauts

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Once you consume the Crystal, you will get a chance to pick one from two of the Arcana upgrade types. The choice of which two upgrade types to choose from is random, as well as the upgrades themselves. Be sure to collect these Crystals as soon as you can to gain run boosts that will help you survive while focusing on your objective in Witchfire.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2023

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