How to Get Coins Fast in Sonic Origins

Have more than enough to get all the collectibles and infinite retries on Special Stages!

by Elliott Gatica


Sonic Origins introduces a currency into the game that allows you to spend it on new unlocks in the Museum Mode like music, art, and movies. It’ll all add toward its completion if you’re looking to hit 100% completion in the game. Coins are also used to retry Special Stages if you failed them. They are going to be very useful all throughout the game. Here is how you can get Coins fast in Sonic Origins.

How to Get Coins Fast in Sonic Origins

There is a multitude of ways you can get Coins quickly, so here are some practical ways, followed by the best way.

Play Mission Mode

Mission Mode is one of the new modes added into the game to give players additional ways to take on familiar territories across all games. Here, you can earn a quick boost of Coins by completing each mission. You will gain additional coins for each first clear you get on a mission.

Also, the better you perform, meaning getting A’s and S’s for the missions, the more Coins you receive. If you manage to get S ranks on all of these, you should have nearly enough coins to buy out the entire Museum!


Play Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush might be a bit of a tougher path to take since you have to defeat a series of Eggman’s creations in one go and with only 3 lives. The easiest game to take this task on is Sonic CD. Each boss is a bit more unique in the sense that there’s an easy gimmick to bypass.

CD also provides you with rings more frequently than in other games with this mode set up.

Do the Launch Base trick

One of the oldest tricks in the book is this trick when playing Launch Base Zone in Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Zone 6). Early on in the level, you’ll come across this purple and red security box that, if walked through, will trigger an alarm. Triggering this alarm will send a seagull Badnik towards you.

This can be exploited by holding a spin-dash while being placed in the middle of this module. The alarm will constantly be blaring, sending out these Badniks that’ll just fly into you and be defeated while you idly hold a spin dash. Each one defeated will give you 1,000 points. The longer you hold your dash, the more points each enemy will give you, upwards of about 10,000 per kill.


It takes 50,000 points to earn a new life, but in Origins, lives are infinite. They are instead replaced with Coins. The same way you’d earn an extra life is how you can earn one coin. Every time you hear that one-up jingle, you receive a Coin. The only limitation to this is that time only goes up to 9:59.

The BEST Ways to Get Coins Fast in Sonic Origins

Listed below are two optimal ways to get coins fast in Sonic Origins.

Farm the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Critical Cargo mission

Unlock your way through the Sonic 3 lineup of challenges until you unlock the 5-star challenge “Critical Cargo”. Here, you are tasked to defeat 10 enemies consisting of RhinoBots and Bloominators. In this specific scenario, you’re in a modified version of the bombing run right before fighting Eggman in Angel Island Act 2.

Instead, the plane dropping bombs will drop down the aforementioned enemies. What you can do instead is while running, hold down. This will put Sonic into a spin-dashing state because he is in constant movement. You can easily take down all the enemies as they’ll land directly in front of you as you’re spinning.


The only things you have to worry about are the projectiles from the Bloominators that can knock you out of your spin-dash. If done correctly, you should defeat 10 enemies and hit the goal post in just under 40 seconds, easily netting you an S rank and 20 Coins.

In my testing doing this, I constantly got 36-second times. By getting these times consistently, I was able to run this mode about seven or eight times in the span of five minutes. Eight successful S-rank runs mean that I easily gained nearly 160 Coins in five minutes of gameplay. 160 Coins is more than enough tries you’ll need to retry special stages in each Sonic game.

Sonic 2 Debug Mode Exploit

This method is even quicker than the Critical Cargo farm. Start Sonic the Hedgehog 2. When the splash screen hits and you see Sonic and Tails pop up with the “Press Button” command at the bottom, press the following directions in succession:

Up, up, up, down, down, down, left, right, left, right.

If done correctly, you’ll hear a ring collecting noise. Now just hit start and you’ll be put into the Level Select/Sound Test mode. Hover over the Sound Test option and play these songs in this order:

01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, 04


You may notice that songs do not repeat when pressing them again. Just ensure that when you first play a song with the number, just press your play button one more time to ensure you got two clicks in. If entered correctly, you’ll once again hear the ring collection sound.

Now, go into Emerald Hill Act 1 and hit Start (+ on Switch, Options on PlayStation).

You’ll notice on the top right of the screen that there are X and Y values with a bunch of numbers. That’s how you know Debug Mode is enabled. Now, simply press Circle (B on Xbox, A on Switch) to turn into an object. Press the jump button five times so you can select the Coin box. Place these Coin boxes with Triangle ( Y on Xbox, X on Switch). Place as many to your heart’s content preferably lined up on the ground. Once you go, spin-dash through all of them to see your Coin counter go way up.


Once you farmed as many Coins as you want, simply complete the level. Make sure all the auto-saving is done after getting into Act 2, then quit out into the Sonic Origins main menu. You should retain all the coins you just gave yourself with this Debug exploit! Hopefully, it won’t get patched since this is quite hilarious to do.

Sonic Origins is available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC.

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