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How to Get Dota Underlords

You can get access to Dota Underlords right now, but it will be free shortly.

by William Schwartz


Update:  Dota Underlords is now available on Steam as an early access game that’s available to all.  The mobile version is also available on the App Store and Google Play.

Dota Underlords is a spin-off of the popular Dota 2 MOBA that Valve has recently released into beta. The game is currently only available to people who’ve purchased The International 2019 Battle Pass (though it’s expected to go into a true open beta in the next week).

How to Download Dota Underworlds Right Now


To get Dota Underlords you’re going to have to either purchase the Battle Pass or wait for the open beta. If you purchase the Battle Pass, you can download the Dota Underlords beta within the Dota 2 client right now.   You’ll want to make sure that you’ve activated the Battle Pass for Dota 2, at which point you will get an option on the main screen to “Add to Steam Library” for the Dota Underlords Private Beta.


At this point the placeholder on the screen that said to add to your library will now say that you have claimed the game.  To actually play Dota Underlords you’re going to actually need to download the client.  This you can do like any other game, just go into your Library and you’ll see that Dota Underlords has been added to your list of games.  The game is not very big in terms of file size so it will be downloaded pretty quickly.

Once it’s downloaded you can fire it up like any other game and start playing Valve’s official version of Auto Chess.  For those that are taking the wait until it’s really free route, Valve says they are stress testing Dota Underlords during this Battle Pass access period and then the game will be free to play on Steam as well as Android and iOS with Cross Play across devices, where things like rank and progression will be shared.

If you’re going to wait until Valve releases the game for free on Steam or mobile, they haven’t released exact details of how you’ll do this or the exact time it will go live.  We’ll update this post when they do.

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