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How to Get Event Entei/Raikou in Pokémon (Ultra) Sun/(Ultra) Moon

Get these Legendary Pokemon later this month

by Dylan Siegler


Throughout 2018, various Legendary Pokémon will be distributed to SunMoonUltra Sun and Ultra Moon on a monthly basis. This month’s Legendaries are the Johto trio’s Entei and Raikou. From April 22 through April 29, players will be able to obtain the Fire-type Entei in Sun or Ultra Sun or the Electric-type Raikou in Moon or Ultra Moon.

To receive one of these Legendary Pokémon, you will first need to get a code from participating Target stores from April 22-29. Once you have a code, follow these instructions:

  • Start up your SunUltra SunMoon or Ultra Moon game and select “Mystery Gift” from the main menu instead of “Continue.”
  • From the Mystery Gift menu, select “Receive Gift.”
  • Select “Get with Code/Password,” then, when asked about connecting to the internet, select “Yes” and then “Yes” again.
  • Enter the code you received from Target.
  • Your game will receive Entei or Raikou.
  • Now “Continue” your game and talk to the delivery man in the orange and blue shirt, who you can find in any Pokémon Center. He will give you your Entei or Raikou.

If you are playing Sun, the Entei you receive will be on Level 60 and know the moves Stomp, Bite, Swagger and Lava Plume, whereas Ultra Sun players will receive an Entei on Level 100 that knows the moves Sacred Fire, Stone Edge, Iron Head and Flame charge and will also be holding a Golden Bottle Cap. Those playing Moon will receive a Raikou on Level 60 that knows the moves Reflect, Crunch, Thunder Fang and Discharge, while Ultra Moon players will receive a Level 100, Golden Bottle Cap-holding Raikou that knows Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Extrasensory and Calm Mind.

Furthermore, if you’re playing Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon and already caught your respective Legendary Dog (Raikou in Ultra Sun and Entei in Ultra Moon), and then partake of this event to get the other one (Entei in Ultra Sun  and Raikou in Ultra Moon), you will then be able to catch Suicune in your game. For more information on this, refer to our Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Legendary guide.

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