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How to Get Event Kyogre/Groudon in Pokémon (Ultra) Sun/(Ultra) Moon

The Generation III cover Legendaries become available via Mystery Gift code.

by Dylan Siegler


As Pokémon‘s Legendary Year continues, Hoenn Legendaries Kyogre and Groudon have become available via Mystery Gift serial codes. In the United States, players will be able to pick up a code from GameStop from now until August 26 that can be used to redeem one of these Legendaries. In most other regions, a code can be obtained from now until August 25. Those in the United Kingdom and Spain can get their codes from GAME stores; those in Germany, Italy and Ireland can get theirs from GameStop; those in France can get theirs from Micromania; those in Belgium can get theirs from Game Mania or Smartoys; those in the Netherlands can get theirs from Game Mania; and those in Australia can get theirs from EB Games. If your region is not listed here, you can go to to find out what store is distributing codes in your region. Once you have obtained your code, follow these steps to receive your Legendary Pokémon:

  • Start up your SunUltra SunMoon or Ultra Moon game and select “Mystery Gift” from the main menu instead of “Continue.”
  • From the Mystery Gift menu, select “Receive Gift.”
  • Select “Get with Code/Password,” then, when asked about connecting to the internet, select “Yes” and then “Yes” again.
  • Enter the code you received from GameStop, or whichever retailer distributes them in your region.
  • Your game will receive Kyogre or Groudon.
  • Now “Continue” your game and talk to the delivery man in the orange and blue shirt, who you can find in any Pokémon Center. He will give you your Kyogre or Groudon.

Which Legendary you get, as well as its moveset and held item, will differ based on which game you are playing. Those playing Pokémon Sun will receive a Kyogre on Level 60 that knows Ice Beam, Origin Pulse, Calm Mind, and Muddy Water, whereas Ultra Sun players will get a Level 100 Kyogre that is holding a Gold Bottle Cap and knows Ice Beam, Origin Pulse, Calm Mind, and Water Spout. Meanwhile, those playing Moon will get a Level 60 Groudon that knows Earthquake, Precipice Blades, Bulk Up, and Solar Beam, while Ultra Moon players will receive a Level 100 Groudon that is holding a Gold Bottle Cap and knows Precipice Blades, Earth Power, Fire Punch, and Swords Dance.

Additionally, if you are playing Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon and have already caught the Legendary that appears naturally in your game (Groudon in Ultra Sun or Kyogre in Ultra Moon) and then obtained the other Legendary through this event (Kyogre in Ultra Sun or Groudon in Ultra Moon), you will be able to encounter Rayquaza. For more information on this, you can refer to our Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Legendary guide.

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