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How to Get Free Leaf Stone in Pokemon Let’s Go

Free Leaf Stones will save your Poke Dollars.

by William Schwartz


The Leaf Stone is a special Evolution Stone in Pokemon Let’s Go that will allow you to evolve certain Pokemon in the game.  Getting these stones can be done in a couple of different ways.  You can choose to purchase them from a special vendor in the game for 5000 Poke Dollars or you can search out the free ones.  In this guide we’ll explain how to find free Leaf Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go and how to find the vendor to purchase them.

Free Leaf Stone in Viridian Forest

You can find a free Leaf Stone in the Viridian Forest in Pokemon Let’s Go.  To get this free stone you will have one requirement.  That is to have at least learned the Chop Technique so that you can clear a tree out of your path to the Leaf Stone.  Starting from the Viridian City you will head north to the Viridian Forest.  Once you get to the forest you will notice that a tree can be chopped down to access a clearing on the right side of the map.  Use the Chop Technique to remove the tree and then head north.  Just a few steps in this direction and you will see the free Leaf Stone.

How to purchase Leaf Stones

You can also purchase Leaf Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go by heading to the Celadon City Department Store.  It’s the big building with two doors in the city.  Once inside take the elevator to Wiseman Gifts on the 4th Floor.  Here a vendor will sell you more Leaf Stones for 5000 Poke Dollars a piece if you don’t want to seek out the free Leaf Stones.

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