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How to Get Free Thunder Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go

You can purchase them if you want, but you can also find free ones as well.

by William Schwartz


Thunder Stones are one of the unique evolution stone items in Pokemon Let’s Go that allow you to evolve certain Pokemon.  There are a couple of ways to go about getting Thunder Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go.  You can either purchase them or you can search out the free ones located in the game.  We’re going to explain both methods of getting Thunder Stones in Pokemon Let’s Go.

How to get free Thunder Stones at the Power Plant

You will need to have a couple of special abilities to reach the Power Plant.  You can use the Chop and Sea Skim techniques to get there.  Heading from the southern part of Cerulean City you will need to chop down a tree to start making your way to Route 9.  Heading to the right you will need to chop down another tree to make your way towards Route 10. Keep heading up and to the right on Route 10 until you reach the water.  Here you can use your Sea Skim technique to head south on the waterway until you can hop off on the left hand side.  From there you are just steps away from the Power Plant and the free Thunderstone located on the left hand side of the building.

Inside the Power Plant you will find another Thunder Stone at the top right of this map.  You will need to maneuver your way through the power plant, but just try to make it to the top right corner of this building.  Once in this room the free Thunder Stone is located on the left side of a big group of barrels and bags.

Where to Purchase Thunder Stones

You can purchase Thunder Stones at the Celadon City Department Store in Pokemon Let’s Go.  What you’ll need to do is go to the fourth floor of the Wiseman Gifts store.  There you can purchase multiple evolution stones, but they don’t come cheap.  You will need 5000 Poke Dollars per Thunder Stone if you want to purchase them instead of finding free ones.

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