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How to Get Free Water Stone in Pokemon Let’s Go

Save 5000 and find Water Stones for free.

by William Schwartz


Water Stones are one of the unique evolution stone items in Pokemon Let’s Go that allow you to evolve certain types of Pokemon.  Like other evolution stones, the Water Stone can be purchased or you can try to seek out the free ones in the world. This guide will explain how to get a free Water Stone in Pokemon Let’s Go and will explain how to get them if you want to go about buying them.

How to get free Water Stone in Route 12

You’ll want to set out from the Vermilion City Pokemon Center and then head over towards Route 11.  As you move right through Route 11 you will want to pass through the checkpoint gate and then head down through Route 12.  As you make your way across the bridges in this area you will eventually come across a tree that needs to be cut down with an NPC Trainer in side the small area.  Cut the tree down and battle the trainer.  Once complete you can pick up your free Water Stone.

How to purchase more Water Stones

To purchase evolution stones you can head to the Department Store in Celadon City.  Head to the fourth floor Wisemans Gifts and the vendor there will sell you more Water Stones for 5000 Poke Dollars a piece.

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