How to Get Khora in Warframe

Whip and tear the opposition with your trusty companion by your side!

by Elliott Gatica


Khora is one of the more popular frames to get in Warframe not only because of her stylish looks and free pet, Venari but because she is as lethal and useful as many other top-tier frames. With her Prime version possibly coming up in Tennocon, many are probably wanting to get her and see what her kit is about or to use for subsuming via the Helminth system. Here’s how to get her.

How to Get Khora in Warframe

Before you can grind to get Khora, you’ll need to complete The New Strange quest which gives you access to the Sanctuary Onslaught mode. This is where you will farm for the entirety of the frame, including her blueprint.

These are the reward rotations and percentages for each Khora part:

  • Rotation A: Khora Chassis Blueprint, 8.33% drop chance
  • Rotation B: Khora Neuroptics Blueprint, 9.09% drop chance
  • Rotation C: Khora Systems Blueprint, 11.28% drop chance
    • Khora Blueprint, 11.28% drop chance

Each Rotation is 2 waves, meaning that after completing waves 2 and 4, you’ll get a Rotation A chance. Every 6th wave will be a rotation B chance, and every 8th will be a rotation C chance. It’s usually recommended to only go through 8 waves and repeat.


Once you have her parts, you’ll have to deal with getting Kavat Genetic Codes, which can be extremely tedious to farm. What most people tend to do is just buy a bunch of them for 5 platinum a piece, which seems a bit unfortunate. If you want to not use the premium currency in the game to get it, try buying Synthesis Scanners and normal Scanners.

You’ll then have to scan Kavats that appear in Deimos missions or those that appear in the Sands of Inaros quest. Scanning a Kavat, unfortunately, does not guarantee that you’ll get a Genetic Code, so you will have to scan multiple.

Finally, if you want to obtain Khora without farming, you can simply buy her for 325 Platinum in the market. Of course, if the price seems a bit too steep, especially with her Prime counterpart on the horizon of being released, you can try and wait for a daily login platinum discount.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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