How To Get Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley

Learn all the possible ways of getting mahogany seeds in Stardew Valley

by Ramses Miaco


There are multiple trees in Stardew Valley, but Mahogany is the rarest one of all. Not only that, but it also gives you an uncommon resource called Hardwood. If you need Hardwood or just a reddish design on your farm in Stardew Valley, follow this complete guide that teaches how to get Mahogany Seeds!

Required Tools To Get Before Collecting for Mahogany

Before anything else, Mahogany Trees can be cut using any axe, but you have to remember that most Mahogany Trees are usually found as large stumps or logs, and you have to get at least a steel axe to break both of them. There are other ways to get Mahogany Seeds, but you should upgrade your tools before farming these rare trees! 

Where And How To Get Mahogany Seeds

If you do not want to go through the hassle of enhancing your tools, here are other ways you can collect Mahogany Seeds in Stardew Valley.

Chopping Down Mahogany Trees

Like all other trees in Stardew Valley, Mahogany also has a slight chance of dropping seeds when cut. Just search around the map for Mahogany Trees and use your axe to chop them down.

Foraging Around Fully Grown Trees

All trees in Stardew Valley drop seeds from time to time. Check around your farm if there are Mahogany Seeds lying around. The seeds are hard to come by, so you have to go the extra mile when trying to collect this resource. 

Sometimes dropped seeds are also buried (they look light orange), but the good thing is you can see them popping out of the ground. Use your axe or pickaxe to collect them.

Opening Golden Coconuts

(Spoiler Alert!) This method is only available if you have already unlocked Ginger Island. These rare coconuts are found by shaking Palm Trees on the island. If you found one, bring them to Clint, the local blacksmith, to open them for 25 gold. 

Golden Coconuts only have a 1/7 chance of containing a Mahogany Seed, so it is not that efficient. Try the other methods in this list if you want a fast way to farm seeds.

Buying Mahogany Seeds

Probably the easiest way of obtaining Mahogany Seeds, buying them is also an option for players. However, it is only available through the Island Trader, which is unlocked for ten Golden Walnuts after you have repaired the Island Farmhouse. 

As you may have thought, Mahogany Seeds do not come cheap; it is bought by exchanging a single stingray. Here’s a tip: fish around the pirate cove because that is the only area where stingrays spawn. 

Slaying Slimes in Secret Woods

If you did not know yet, Secret Woods is the area on the lower left side of your farm. The Secret Woods is the home of numerous Mahogany stumps that can be chopped down for Hardwood. Unluckily, strong slimes also occupy the area, but they have a slight chance to drop Mahogany Seeds when slain. Both the slimes and trees respawn in the Secret Woods, so try farming them daily!

Mahogany Trees are also available throughout Stardew Valley. You can try scouring for them if you do not want to struggle farming seeds. Good luck, and enjoy your journey of being the wealthiest farmer in Stardew Valley!

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Stardew Valley is available on the PC, Xbox, Playstation, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS

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