How to get More Idol Charges in Atlas Fallen

Learn how to heal more during combat in Atlas Fallen!

by Marc Magrini
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An intense action game like Atlas Fallen is certain to provide some tough challenges to its players. It’s all too likely that a powerful wraith will deal some damaging blows, forcing anyone caught in its path to heal at least once. The game’s Idol allows players to recover their health, but it only allows for three charges at a time. Thankfully, there are a few ways to gain more Idol charges in Atlas Fallen, though players are unlikely to get to them at the start.

Ways to Increase Idol Charges and Heal More Often in Atlas Fallen

Though the game doesn’t allow any specific expansion or upgrade systems for Idols, there are at least two ways to gain more charges for them. The first and most obvious way is through the game’s Perk system, as one of its perks simply adds one charge to the player’s Idol. The second method is to find the Idol of Expansion within the Mining Village Caves in the Monsalar Wildlands. You can only find this Idol by completing story-related quests, so you’ll have to wait some time before obtaining it.

There aren’t many other ways to increase the number of stored charges, but with the way the game works, you can still heal more often than usual during certain fights. Your Idol will recharge automatically while you attack enemies, so using long-range weapons can help you get the extra healing you need. This is fairly simple due to how Atlas Fallen’s encounter system works. Practically every fight will have more than one wraith, so it could actually be worthwhile to keep a few foes alive so you can farm more health from them.

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Of course, certain Essence Stones will provide you with additional healing as well. The various different Idols you find can also be far more useful than an extra charge depending on your playstyle. Experiment with the items you find if you’re having difficulty keeping yourself alive!

- This article was updated on August 9th, 2023

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