How to get Navi Chips in the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

Turn foes into friends with these powerful battle chips!

by Marc Magrini
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In the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection, players will have a wide variety of attacks at their disposal. Some of these attacks will summon powerful bosses throughout the game, allowing a player to use their attacks on opponents. The method of obtaining these attacks is fairly straightforward, but actually obtaining them is another story entirely. That’s why players should be aware of how exactly they can obtain Navi battle chips in each Megaman Battle Network game.

Every Way to Get Navi Chips in the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

Throughout nearly every Battle Network game, a Navi’s battle chip can be obtained by defeating them in a boss battle. This is the case for practically every Navi in each game, though there are some exceptions to this. Roll.EXE’s chips are simply given to the player across all games except Battle Network 4, and Django’s chips in 5 and 6 are obtained through special purchases or mystery data.

However, you most likely won’t obtain the battle chip on your first attempt. Most Navi chips can only be obtained after beating the Navi’s more powerful version. For example, you won’t get BlastMan.EXE’s battle chip after beating him in a normal boss fight, but you can obtain it from his EX or SP versions. The exception to this is in Liberation Missions from Battle Network 5, as they commonly provide the boss’s chip as an extra reward.

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Additionally, thanks to the Legacy Collection, players can obtain most Navi chips in Battle Network 5 and 6 through Item Cards. In both games, this will give them access to version exclusive chips and special chips found only through events. It’s also possible to trade with players to obtain the more common chips.

If players don’t want to cheat their way to obtaining these chips, they should try to beat the extra-tough versions of bosses as efficiently as possible. Obtaining a good rank is especially important for those who want to get them, so remember to utilize Program Advances and other powerful resources at your disposal!

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