How to S Rank Battles in the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

Get higher ranks and find better chips to complete your collection!

by Marc Magrini
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The Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection includes every mainline title from the classic GBA series. While each game in this collection is different, one constant is the chance to get ranked after battles, much like certain other Mega Man titles. When taking down viruses or rogue NetNavis, players will be ranked depending on their performance. Only through careful planning and great chip selection will they be able to constantly receive an S Rank for battles in the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection.

Tips and Tricks to Always Get an S Rank for Battles in the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection

Nearly every battle will rank players based on their performance in each Battle Network game. Getting lower ranks will cause you to receive lesser rewards, such as small amounts of money or HP refills. Getting higher ranks will usually let you receive rare battle chips. The catch to this is that there are some battles that simply won’t let you get higher ranks, and that’s thanks to how the ranking system works.

Getting higher ranks in each Battle Network game depends on not getting hit, deleting all viruses in a short amount of time, not moving too often, and deleting multiple enemies at once. All of these factors influence each other in different ways. For example, fighting a lone Mettaur virus will only ever give you a rank of 9 or lower. If you can’t take out multiple foes at once in a regular battle, you might as well kiss that S Rank goodbye.

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There are many battle chips that can take out multiple foes with ease. Wide-range Navi chips like GutsMan and Bass are strong contenders, but certain normal chips can do the job just as well. Spreader, Yo-Yo, and AirHoc will all hit across multiple tiles, and even variations of the Sword chip can handle groups with great competence. As you get further into the game, you’ll have to rely more on Navi chips to get an S Rank as enemies get much more powerful.

Notably, most of the aforementioned restrictions don’t entirely apply to boss fights. For those, simply deleting the enemy without getting hit and within a short time — around 30 seconds — is usually enough to obtain an S Rank. This will apply to pretty much any game, so don’t feel too pressured by this ranking system. Just use strong chips and powerful Program Advances to ensure you’ll get the highest rank possible!

- This article was updated on April 14th, 2023

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