How to Complete the Waterworks Ice Puzzle in Megaman Battle Network

Learn how to resolve the water crisis in Megaman Battle Network!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Capcom

The Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection allows players to enjoy classic games that they might never have tried out otherwise. Unfortunately, this also means they’ll end up going through some unrefined design choices as they play certain older titles. One such headache-inducing part of the collection is found in the very first Battle Network, where players must travel through the Waterworks. Even in the new Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection, completing the Waterworks ice puzzle is no easy feat.

Tips to Complete the Waterworks Ice Puzzle in Megaman Battle Network and the Legacy Collection

The Waterworks in the first Megaman Battle Network requires players to turn water on and off to run across ice-covered platforms. At certain points, players will need to line themselves up carefully and run at strange angles to pass over the ice to alternate pathways. This is simple enough at first, but there’s one puzzle later on that can be more than a mere head-scratcher.

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Near the end of the Waterworks, players will face a grid of ice with square-shaped holes. Only certain holes can be fallen down to complete the puzzle, and the massive grid can make it extremely difficult to figure out the right path. Here’s what players should do to complete the puzzle:

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

First, run straight across the second-to-topmost path, as shown in the image above. You’ll fall through a hole that will lead directly to a faucet. Turn it on and off, then fall down the icy bridge to end up on the newly-created pathway.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Then, from top to bottom, angle yourself directly up-right from the fourth square and fall through the hole in front of you. There will be a hidden PowerUP as well as another path leading to a faucet. Turn it on and off, then slide off of the platform and return to the puzzle’s starting position.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Finally, line yourself up with the topmost edge of the puzzle and run straight across it. You’ll find yourself back on the first water-made pathway and can run across the ice to the second new path. From there, it’s a simple straight shot to the puzzle’s end!

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There will still be a couple more parts you’ll need to slide around on, but they’re much easier to figure out. You’ll also go up against IceMan.EXE in a boss fight, so make sure you have some powerful chips for Program Advances lined up. If you do, getting an S Rank in the battle against him will be much easier than this puzzle could ever be!

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