How to Get Pet Kemono Tail Feather in Wild Hearts

Pet the birds!

by Christian Bognar
Pet Kemono Tail Feather Location Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts allow players to increase their maximum health, giving them a better chance at surviving against the challenging and gigantic Kemono. Players can improve their health by going to the bath location at Minato, where they can create a restorative bath and relax in it, granting them an increase in health. This will be challenging, though, as to create a restorative bath, players will need to find specific items in one of the game’s regions. Pet Kemono Tail Feather is required to create one of these baths, and the game gives you very little information on where to find this. We got you covered with how you can discover Pet Kemono Tail Feather.

Where to Find Pet Kemono Tail Feather in Wild Hearts


To get Pet Kemono Tail Feather, you first need to unlock the Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri about midway down the Karakuri skill tree. This Dragon Karakuri will allow you to cage the animals you find in the wilderness and gather materials from them periodically as they rest in the cage. Once you have the cage ability, you will need to store a bird in this cage. As this bird relaxes in the cage, you can come back later and gather materials from it, which is Pet Kemono Tail Feather. Players can find Birds the Blossom Trail Hunt region, so keep an eye out and always press that gather button when you come across wildlife.

How to Use Pet Kemono Tail Feather


Once you have enough Pet Kemono Tail Feather, you can then head to the bath location at Minato and develop a restorative bath. After your bath, your maximum health will be increased! There will be other restorative bath options as you progress through the story, giving you more chances to raise your health bar, although these will require different materials. Pet Kemono Tail Feather can also be used to craft armor and upgrade certain weapons as well at the Forge.

Now you are ready for more hunts, but while on your hunts, keep an eye out for essential materials such as Bluestone, Ancient Lumber, and Coral Fragments! You will find that they are often used when crafting armor and upgrading weapons.

Wild Hearts is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.