How to Get Pine Resin in Persona 3 Portable

Which Archery Club member has the pine resin for Elizabeth?

by Diego Perez

One of the earliest requests from Elizabeth in Persona 3 Portable requires you to find pine resin, and this is a difficult situation for most players who don’t know where to find items for Elizabeth yet. The request details say that pine resin is used by Archery Club members and that you’ll have the best chance of finding it on 5/2. The request lasts through 5/7 though, so you’ll have a few extra days after the fact to return to the Velvet Room and turn it in. Finding pine resin and any other items that Elizabeth requests from you is much easier than you think, but there’s also an incredibly frustrating aspect to these requests too.

Where to Get Pine Resin on 5/2 in Persona 3 Portable

Despite what you may think, you don’t have to go on a grand quest to find pine resin in Persona 3. All of Elizabeth’s key item requests are obtained from members of SEES in the dormitory on the specified date, so you’ll just have to talk to someone — Yukari in this case — in the evening on 5/2 to obtain the pine resin. It’s worth noting that you can only obtain pine resin on 5/2 even though the request details make it sound like you can get it any time. You cannot get pine resin before or after May 2nd.


Once 5/2 rolls around, just play the game normally until you return to the dorm in the evening. Then, just talk to Yukari to obtain the pine resin. She’s sitting in her usual spot with the other SEES members in the lobby so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding her at all. Once you obtain the pine resin, you have until 5/7 to return to the Velvet Room and give it to Elizabeth to complete the request.

Remember, you have to get the pine resin on the date listed in the request details. This applies to any other request that has a listed date, so keep that in mind and plan ahead whenever Elizabeth gets a new set of requests for you. Thankfully, getting the specified items is easy as long as you know the right date since you only have to talk to someone in the dorm.

Persona 3 Portable is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.